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Whenever a new gadget or new software comes out, you've no doubt seen people struggling to get to grips with it, either on the street, in the workplace, or at a restaurant. Whether it's fascination at the new capabilities of a mobile phone's camera or user getting increasingly frustrated at the voice recognition capabilities of their favourite gadget.

However, as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is certain that it will grow to feature far more heavily in the office designs of the future. Including technology in your office interiors in London could be a fantastic way to future-proof your office design and increase the efficiency of your workforce overall.

Improving Technologies And The Workplace

Voice recognition software, or the increased availability of high-quality recording, is likely to result in increasingly noisy workplaces. Already regarded as a problem by many introverted workers in open-plan spaces, it is likely that in this reality private space would become something of a luxury and the traditional cubicle could be one of the best working environments for solitary work.

This could be particularly true for content-driven online businesses, which are more likely to increasingly shift towards video or audio content over written content to appeal to their constantly moving audience.

Whereas some technology was only dreamt about by science fiction writers, it is now possible to integrate futuristic technology into office designs, and the next few years look to be extremely interesting with regards to office innovation and the increased opportunities for office designers to create unforgettable office interiors in London.

Future Technology In The Office

The recent technological surges in the field of 3D projection are likely to make an appearance in future office designs. Showcasing designs in high-quality 3D could lead to some hugely impressive presentations to clients and potential investors. The ability to view a project or design before it is made could be hugely beneficial and resolve a great deal of the misunderstandings that designers, planners and architects often have with business leaders.

As printers are already available which can print solid, 3D objects, it is likely that they too will feature more heavily in future office designs. This could also be useful for presentations as you can create miniature models of your designs to really let potential investors and fellow designers get hands on time with your ideas.

Keyboards can even be projected onto a surface now, and desks are available which feature integrated touch screen keyboards. In fact, it is likely that next big office furniture will feature some similarities with the traditional office cubicle, in that it will be a self-contained, all-inclusive piece of technology, rather than scattered components all over the office.

Although we're still light-years away from personal teleporting devices or private space travel, technology which once featured exclusively in the dreams of science fiction authors now look as if they are going to be integral components of the future of office interiors in London.

Unique Office Interiors In London, From Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been providing unique office designs, which reflect a business' brand identity whilst taking advantage of the very latest technologies available. For more information on how you can future proof your office interiors in London, get in touch with our friendly and specialised team today on 0118 979 6600 or email us directly at hello@oaktreeoffices.com.

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