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At Oaktree Interiors, we are proud to work alongside a great range of clients. One day, we could be working with an electronics company to create a great call centre design; the next, we could be helping to design a comfortable workspace for a firm of lawyers.

One of our most recent projects was to carry out some minor works within the existing offices of the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).Located at the Mere, Upton Park in Slough, this project involved minoroffice refurbishment to ensure that the workplace remained suitable for the NFER team's needs.

Who Are the National Foundation for Educational Research?

NFER is the UK's largest and most trusted provider of research, assessment and information services to education, training and children's services. The National Foundation for Educational Research has a huge range of clients, of all sizes, including multiple UK government departments and agencies which operate locally and across the country.

Their team provides independent and unbiased evidence which can be used to improve education services, including practical training, and can really improve the lives of learners and the quality of learning that they receive. With such an important role to play in the future of education and the future of the country, NFER cannot afford to have a substandard office space which negatively impacts or limits the work that they can do.

NFER's Office Refurbishment In Slough; Berkshire

Oaktree Interiors' “minor works" team are assisting NFER with their office refurbishment and re-configuration across their entire workspace. We are helping to create a new facilities office, as well as providing great soundproofing options to internal meeting areas. We are also working on a range of other minor and miscellaneous works within the Slough office space.

Our team are also working to redecorate many of the affected areas to match the existing colours of the office to help the office space take advantage of a single colour scheme and design pattern. As NFER are doing such important work on behalf of a range of educational organisations, it is important that their workspace provides everything that they need in order to ensure comfortable and practical working conditions.

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