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When companies get into contact with us, seeking office interiors in Reading that can create a genuine sense of togetherness and bonding between their staff, we are able to provide them with a number of different ways in which they are able to achieve this. One of these ways, which combines functionality and relaxation with the need to create repartee, is the introduction of a kitchen and breakout area within the design of the office.

The Kitchen – A Great Way To Create A Focal Point In Your Office Interiors In Reading.

Being an area in which anyone can prepare food or make hot beverages, the potential of a kitchen to be a great area for informal chats is obvious. Taking place away from the often-stressful arena of the working areas, having a nice, relaxing sit down with something to eat and drink will help to take our minds off the stressful environment and give us the ability to re-focus, ready to tackle any issues when we return to work.

This is precisely why forward-thinking businesses are taking great care in designing their kitchen/break areas. Gone are the days when such areas were solely designed for people to cook food and to eat; today they can play as much a part in being inspiring as the rest of the office design does. Using the right design methods in constructing the perfect office interiors in Reading, a kitchen area can be the place in which ideas are shared and creativity honed, as everyone comes together over a cup of coffee or a healthily-prepared meal.

How A Kitchen Can Help To Create A Great Atmosphere In The Workplace.

  • A Great Meeting Place. As we've covered, the presence of a kitchen offers employees an area that is separate from their working spaces, giving them a different environment in which to switch off for a while. This kind of space is fantastic for people from other areas of the office to have a sit down and a catch-up – perhaps even an informal meeting about any aspect of their work. With 'peak' lunch hours being from 12-2pm, making the kitchen into an area that people can take breaks in, will increase its usefulness, maximising the space used – as well as the investment made. The business will only reap the benefits of a relaxed, happy and motivated workforce.
  • Build Relationships. People 'working as a team' doesn't always translate into the workforce 'being friends'. It's more likely that teamwork (and as a result, the quality of work) will increase if the team members have a good rapport with each other and built a relationship outside of the working areas. When the time comes to producing work together, it's more likely that they'll go that extra mile for each other, as well as work seamlessly together, simply because they have that existing relationship. Again, this will only benefit the business.
  • Health and Wellbeing. It can't have escaped your noticed that health and wellbeing is a massive factor in modern day office interiors in Reading (and everywhere, really!) As we're present within the same environment for 8+ hours a day, the design of the office has a big role to play in our general health and wellbeing. With a fully-equipped kitchen area, you can encourage employees to eat their breakfast and lunch healthily, for example. Another aspect that can be implemented within the break area (and in the rest of the office design, to be fair) is the introduction of more natural light, through the use of large windows or more greenery, including plants and living walls, which release healthy Co2 throughout the environment.
  • As A Focal Point. If the current building doesn't have additional space for extra meeting rooms in which staff can have meetings, share ideas and give updates on projects, a kitchen area will make the ideal focal point for such informal occasions. Providing a relaxing environment, employees won't feel pressured at throwing out their ideas or presenting their views on any issues. A kitchen and/or breakout area provides the perfect environment for this. And while you're there, you can put the kettle on too!

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