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The positive effects of greenery in a workplace are well documented, but a recent study by Interface has suggested that a natural presence in an office can have an even greater enhancement than ever before. Led by renowned organisational psychologist, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, the study has asked employees and business all over the world to take part.

It has been discovered that those employees in office interiors with natural elements reports a 15% higher level of well-being. As if this wasn't enough, employees are also 6% more productive and 15% more creative overall! So, here at Oaktree Interiors, we thought we'd address why this might be, and how you can include some simple design techniques to make your office space more productive, happier and even healthier!

The Role Of Natural Light In Reducing Employee Stress

Globally, almost half of all office employees actually have no natural light in their working environment. In Canada alone, 32% of all employees have reported that their workspaces have no windows, and each one of them feels drastically above average levels of stress. Interestingly, Indonesian office workers enjoy some of the highest levels of natural light and open space (an astonishing 93%!) and also boast some of the lowest levels of global office unhappiness.

Sunlight has been proven to be a reducer of stress for a variety of reasons, and it has other health benefits too! Natural sunlight boost serotonin levels in the blood, which regulates appetite, sleep, memory and mood. More sunlight means better moods, whilst less sunlight can lead to symptoms of depression. Incredibly, sunlight can also help to reduce pain as well, as it can help to improve overall mood. It has been documented that patients recovering from surgery whom are placed in bright rooms require less pain medication than those placed in dim alternatives.

As if this wasn't enough, sunlight can also help to regulate and improve the quality of sleep that your employees can enjoy, resulting in a greatly improved lifestyle overall!

Greenery In Office Interiors

Indoor plants, and colours which are representative of the natural world, such as green, brown and blue, are one of the most requested office interior design aspects in the world. The idea of including biophilic design in one's workplace isn't new; people have been brightening up office cubicles with small potted plants for years.

An office which takes advantage of the wonderful advantages offered by plants and greenery is likely to enjoy much higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction. Plants can be used to offset the standard, harsh look of an office environment.

Plants also improve air quality by adding moisture to the air, which can work to increase humidity levels and lower the overall temperature. When they're placed in work areas, employees may feel more comfortable overall. In fact, certain plants are highly effective at reducing overall noise levels and can even act as a sound barrier in open-plan office environments.

The natural process of photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen in its place. Plants also absorb pollutants and provide clear, fresh air, which is incredibly useful in any kind of office space!

The Positive Impact Of Natural Light And Greenery In Your Office Interior Design

Here at Oaktree, we firmly believe that natural components are some of the most beneficial additions to an office environment. If you're looking for a way to improve your employee's health, happiness and productivity, whilst simultaneously creating a unique and gorgeous office interior, get in touch with our team today!

For more information on the wonderful benefits of natural components in your office interior design, contact us directly on 0118 979 66000118 979 6600 or email us hello@oaktreeoffice.com!

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