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Office design is constantly evolving and it is very important that you find the right design for your workplace. To give you a helping hand with deciding what design is right for your office, here is a list of 'dos and don'ts'!

The 'Dos And Don'ts' Of Office Design

The design of your office is very important for the working environment and your business as a whole, so here are some tips to help you whilst you make your office design decisions.

DO Choose High Quality Office Furniture

Office furniture is very important. Don't settle for low quality furniture. Office furniture is frequently used and is likely to suffer from some wear and tear as the months go by. As such, it can be very beneficial to use high quality office furniture in your office.

Not only would low quality furniture need replacing more often, but if potential clients/customers visit your place of work, low quality furniture could reflect poorly on your business. Instead opt for high quality office furniture that matches the design of your office and reflects your brand.

DON'T Choose A 'One Size Fits All' Design

Your business is unique, and as such your office design should also be unique. If your office just looks like an office design showroom, what does that say about your business?

The design of your office is a fantastic way to express not only your business's identity but also the identity of the individual office. If you're a business with multiple offices, using different designs in each office space is a great way to differentiate between the different offices. Perhaps using a blue colour scheme in the IT department and a red colour scheme in the sales department.

DO Think Carefully About Open Plan Office Spaces

Whilst many offices choose to opt for the open plan office space, not every business benefits from this form of office design.

Whilst some businesses indeed to benefit from the collaboration and interaction between employees in an open plan office space; for other businesses, open plan offices spaces can be a hive of distractions.

Think carefully about the pros and cons of open plan office spaces; would you business benefit from an open plan office? Or would your employees be far more productive if given the privacy to complete their tasks in a calm and quiet environment?

DON'T Forget About Natural Light

It might be easy to get excited thinking about various different types of artificial lights for your office space. Whilst having a well lit working environment is of high importance, it is also important that you include as much natural light as possible.

This can be done by positioning desks in such a manner to best utilise the natural light coming from windows. Additionally the use of mirrors can also provide you with a fantastic way to maximise the use of natural light within your workplace.

DO Think About Your Brand!

Remember to think about your brand whilst designing your new office space. Office design should be unique to your business, so make sure that your office design flows well with your brand and your business's ethos.

For example, instead of opting for neutral colours in the office, use your business's colour scheme. If your business's name is in blue font on your business cards, you could include blue accents in your office's colour scheme.

DON'T Neglect Your Waiting Room

This is especially important if you frequently host meetings with clients/customers and/or if you frequently interview potential candidates.

A waiting room can create a very powerful first impression about a business (for good or for bad). Remember to choose high quality furniture; choose comfortable chairs that allow guests to relax before their meeting/interview.

Do Think About Storage

An office isn't just about desks and computers; storage is also very important. Depending on your business, your employees will need different storage solutions. Storage solutions don't just mean high quality filing cabinets; storage solutions also include other smaller items that make employees feel more comfortable in the office.

You could add a designated cloakroom in the office, so employees can leave their coats in a safe and convenient space, instead of resting their coat on the back of their chair. Additionally, if you work in an area that sees frequent amounts of rain, a place for employees to leave umbrellas would be a very simple yet useful storage solution for your workplace.

Don't Forget A Space For Breaks

Whilst a lot of your office design attention will indeed be focused around the office space itself, don't forget the importance of a well designed break room (also known as a breakout room).

Don't just settle for a sofa and a coffee machine. Create a relaxing environment where employees can relax and socialise with their colleagues. Indeed every business is different and the same goes for their employees. Discuss with your employees what items would be useful in their break room. Perhaps what they really want is a toaster and a microwave so they can have a delicious warm lunch during the winter days. Or perhaps your employees really want a pool table, so they can enjoy a fun game with colleagues over lunch.

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