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Whilst the modern world is starting to move towards being a more diverse, more accommodating place for everyone, there's still some aspects of the workplace that need to be improved, in regards to catering for the male and female staff members. Whilst many aspects of an office design in Slough will benefit from being a uniform, all-in-one solution, there are other parts of the design that will need to cater to a specific gender. Not only will this make the environment of the workplace more suited to specific people, it'll also work to get the best out of employees, in terms of the amount of work and the quality produced.

The Difference Between Men and Women (In The Office).

A 2005 study published in the journal 'Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice', explained that the main issue regarding the working practices of men and women was that 'women prefer a more democratic approach in their work groups', whilst 'men favour a more organised, hierarchical structure'. These statements indicate that women are generally more inclined to work alongside others in teams, sharing their experiences and knowledge with others. Men are generally more inclined to prefer 'getting on with the job in hand' and prefer to work alone, taking charge of a task that they have been assigned independently.

Researchers of the study found that the different groups of male and female participants began with one person taking a specific leadership position. Over time, the researchers found that the group of female participants shifted towards a more egalitarian structure, sharing their responsibilities and specific roles with others, whilst men did not.

This preference in styles of working should translate to the layout of an office too – whereas, with their preference of singular-lead organisations and a hierarchical structure, it can be said that men prefer to work alone, in confined spaces with fewer distractions, women prefer the more wide-open spaces that give them the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on their work. A business can balance these specific needs by including a number of meeting rooms or even casual 'breakout' zones into their office design in Slough, making sure of course, that these social areas are large enough to cater for such interactions. Perfect for such a thing is an open office design.

An Open Office Design: Balancing The Different Working Needs.

Whilst the findings, of course, aren't specifically applicable to every member of each gender, the study still brings up the point that modern workplaces need to be flexible and adaptable in their design. Each and every person, no matter their gender, is different and each person will have different working needs and catering for them, could result in the business being a success, or not.

Being the most popular design to bestow on an office in the 21st century, open offices are more versatile in what they are able to offer the workforce, in comparison to previous styles. Not only can they create big, wide spaces to offer collaboration and creativity, they can also incorporate other areas that need to be private and more structured. This design is the only sure-fire way that a business can balance the perceived working needs of both men and women, as well as to create an environment that offers comfort, room and the facilities needed by any forward-thinking business.

No matter if the design of a workspace is shared, individual or tries to balance the two, the bottom line is that it has to allow for personal expression – this is a vital factor in a person's job satisfaction, their morale and the resulting turnover of staff. This is why many businesses allow their employees to customise their workspaces – whether it's the placement of personal effects, decorations or using custom devices etc, personalisation will give the employee control over their environment, playing into an increase of their job satisfaction and in turn, their productivity and quality of work produced as a result.

Quality Open Office Design From Oaktree Interiors.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are an office refurbishment company that has spent the last 30 years creating prime examples of open office design in Slough, London and throughout the South of England. The fact that we've been operating within the industry for over 3 decades, designing and building offices for all manner of businesses, should say much about our ability to improve and adapt to the modern working practices and employee needs of the day.

It's because of our proven track record, knowledge and extremely competitive prices that we have become a local office fit out leader. Please feel free to browse our dedicated testimonials section to see many reviews of our services, left by our wide and varied client base.

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