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When we're evaluating our businesses, which aspects do we rank as the most important? The management and the employees immediately spring to mind – after all, they are the ones who make the business tick. However, an often-overlooked aspect of a business, something that plays a constant role in the happiness and health of the management and employees, is the office space provided.

An office refurbishment in Reading that has been well designed is a space that can significantly contribute to the success of the business as it provides the ideal facility for staff members to work in – you could say it should work as another member of staff. This is exactly why the design of your office needs to be on point – a facility that doesn't cater specifically for your business, will be one that isn't working for you.

The Different Design Aspects To Think About With Your Office Refurbishment In Reading.

Undertaking a complete office refurbishment in Reading can be challenging a experience – not only do you need to understand each and every aspect that would make for the best possible environment for your business, you also need to know how to implement them into the design. Here, we'll look at the main aspects of an office design that you should be thinking about, before you start the process of reshaping your interiors:

  • Branding. What does your workplace say about you and your company? Believe it or not, the need to express one's self through the interiors of a building, is often overlooked in this busy business world. No matter the size or type of company, they should make time to address this. Bestowing a branded image on your office interiors helps to communicate what your business is about. It eloquently identifies your business, helping it to stay in the mind of employees and clients alike. So you can see why setting a favourable impression is paramount.
  • The Culture of The Office. Truly defining the atmosphere and effectiveness of your office refurbishment in Reading will depend on the style of layout that you bestow within your space. As an example, seeking improved collaboration and communication within their companies, many businesses are switching to transparent, open plan offices that turn away from the classic individual cubicle desks and instead, allow for people to work alongside each other with no barriers. The result can only be one that creates a greater team spirit, further encouraging increased interaction, collaboration and creativity within work.

    Of course, for some workers the need to concentrate on their work with the minimal of distractions is vital. This is why there has been an increased demand for multi-functional office designs that are able to combine both the collaborative environment offered by open office design, with more subtle, private environments. This gives those who require a more focused work environment, an opportunity to get on with their work in complete concentration.
  • The Lighting. When we talk about mood and productivity in the workplace, one of the most important aspects is the lighting conditions offered. Throughout the past few decades, office spaces have become reliant on artificial lighting that has gone on to produce an unnatural environment. By its very definition, an environment that isn't natural will prove to be a distraction to those within it, leading to a downturn in productivity, happiness and even the general health of individuals. This is why in recent years, businesses have turned to introducing more natural light within their offices. Not only does it create a great in-work atmosphere but it has plenty of health benefits too, with increased amounts of vitamins being present within natural light. Not only that, but think about how much money you'll save, using less energy too!
  • Office Colours. Playing a big role in creating that brand identity mentioned at the top of this list, the significance of the office colours in your office refurbishment in Reading, is probably more than you realise. Many businesses will decorate their office interiors with colours relating to the advertising materials or company brand, or instead, they create a colour scheme that is designed to interact with employees. The psychological effects of colour play a big role in the productivity and happiness of employees and as such, it's an area of office design that should never be overlooked.

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been carrying out many an office refurbishment in Reading, throughout Berkshire and all across London and the South East for over 30 years. During our time in the industry, we have assisted many different businesses, all with their own individual requirements in regards to creating their own bespoke office environments. As such, we understand just how each of the aspects we've mentioned in this article can be honed towards your business, helping it and the very people who make it tick, to experience the best, most productive office interiors as possible.

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