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The average office interior is often not the most pulsating environment you could work in, with standard desk arrangements and meeting rooms that look the same as anywhere else. But some companies have taken a different approach, and created an office which is anything but boring. Often these are design or technology firms who rely on creativity for the progression of their business, here are some of the amazing office interiors they have produced.

The Worlds Coolest Office Interiors

Coolest Office Interiors

This list includes all kind of fun and eccentric designs; some are made to increase morale, whereas other can create inspiration and boost productivity. Some of the most cutting edge companies use their office interiors as a way of attracting the very best young talent around, here are some of our favourite.

  • Google – The world's biggest search engine is renowned for their crazy office interiors, with intricate designs in all their work places including the Googleplex which is their main headquarters in California. They have whole floors which look outdoors complete with trees and benches, plus a beach room with its own slide and lounge areas which feature quirky pods and sports facilities.
  • Inventionland Design Factory – This is not a global tech company but one that relies on inspirational design ideas for the products they create. The owner of the company decided he would get the best out of his employees by creating a working environment like no other. The result is one of the most crazy office interiors we've ever seen, with separate rooms that feature a huge tree house, a castle and a pirate ship built over real water, complete with waterfalls and planted areas.
  • Facebook – The worldwide social media site has offices which feature very carefully considered colours and aesthetics in each of their rooms, as well as their outdoor areas. Plus they also have stunning architectural elements within many of their rooms as well as all kinds of different furniture which all come together to give each room an individual look.
  • Zynga – This is a social game provider based in California who is behind FarmVille and other similar online games. Their office features a whole array of quirky rooms that include one with a campervan and others which have a variety of colours and materials to give them an original look. They also have a games room with pool tables and dance machines.
  • White Mountain – Like a scene straight from a James Bond film, this office interior looks like its situated in the middle of a mountain. It has a meeting room which is suspended from the ceiling and rocky edges which gives the place the look and feel of a real cave. It also has planted areas with lighting that makes you feel like you've travelled to the future.

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