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It looks like modern office design is preparing for another great shift, as the world's first guide to the creation of a workplace using 'circular principles' has been launched. The circular theory of office design focuses on minimising the amount of waste and maximising the life of all materials in use, within the office environment.

The guide is to be launched in new Zealand, but there is no reason that the philosophies of Circular design cannot be applied to the refurbishment or design of office interiors in London. Here at Oaktree, we love the idea behind circular renovation, so we thought we'd share a few of the idea's basic principles!

Circular Office Design; The Future Of Office Interiors In London?

The driving force behind the Circular Economy Model Office Guide is the desire to minimise the waste that is created during office refurbishment and office building by using the principles of a circular economy. This is a system which operates in a 'closed loop', with absolutely no waste. This would mean that the lifecycle of used materials would need to be maximised, their usage optimised and, at the end of their lifetime, all materials are re-used.

It has been said that the circular economy is a far more viable and efficient alternative to the linear model that most office refurbishment companies use, where 'tonnes of needless waste' ends up in landfill sites.

James Griffin, the Transformation Leader for Mega Efficiency at the Sustainable Business Network, says that a circular economy would provide incredible advantages and opportunities for sustainable growth. That is, growth which does not rely on using an ever-increasing amount of resources, but instead depends upon the maintenance and reuse of existing materials.

The Three Principles Of Circular Economy Model Office

The idea of a circular office interior in London would rest upon a business' commitment to the three major principles of the circular economy.

  • Re-Use – As many current materials in use as possible are re-used in the subsequent office design. This would mean that tables, chairs and even wiring are reused wherever possible.
  • Put To Rest – Any new materials require a solution for when they eventually reach the end of their service life. This solution cannot involve a landfill or general wasting of the materials.
  • Recycle – Any waste generated must be recycled and diverted from the landfill. It must, instead, be reused or sent to a recycling centre.

Circular Office Interiors In London – Could They Be The Future?

It is an interesting idea that the Sustainable Business Network have come up with, and it will be interesting to see how effective it actually is as an office refurbishment strategy. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we do our best to limit the amount of waste that we are forced to create, during the fit-out of office interiors in London.

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