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Whilst an effective office refurbishment can increase the productivity and positivity of your workplace, if you fail to take advantage of a complete building management system, you could still be wasting money on ineffective operation. Here at Oaktree, we are proud to say that we are also one of the UK's best BMS electrical contractors.

A building management system consists of a series of sensors and software, which are combined to monitor and control a wide range of equipment throughout the building. This equipment, in turn, communicates with each other to optimise your building's management for the lowest possible operating cost and the optimum working environment.

The Benefits Of A BMS

When your management system is installed by the UK's leading BMS electrical contractors, you can be certain that you will be able to enjoy the wide variety of advantages that the system will provide. The advantages can include:

  • Increased Energy Savings – It has been estimated that, thanks to the efficiency of a BMS, a business can save somewhere between 5 and 30% on utility costs through the management of HVAC and lighting systems alone. As the two largest drains on a building's energy in contemporary buildings, these systems are usually the first to be automated. Wireless BMS systems can monitor every zone of a building, and make instantaneous adjustments that work to maintain the comfort of the user's whilst lowering overall energy usage.
  • Decreased Environmental Impact – By reducing the energy usage of a building, building management systems can also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Along with this, if your BMS is integrated into your building's plumbing systems, you can also monitor and reduce water usage. By eliminating waste, these systems allow buildings to use their resources more efficiently and reduce the damage that a business can cause to the environment. Many of these systems will also allow third parties, with your permission, to collect accurate data and validate the amount of energy which is consumed by a building.
  • Improved Building Security – The need for security depends on the nature of the business that is conducted within the building. A BMS can be programmed to deny access to certain areas at designated times. Should an employee wish to gain access to the building after that time, a key card can be used to access the area. This can also cause the lights to activate in an inhabited area of the building, but nowhere else. This system can also control external lights, security cameras and in the event of a breach will contact the appropriate security personnel or the police.
  • Cheaper Building Maintenance – All the information that a BMS can collect will go to reducing the overall maintenance costs of the building. If there are any issues with the system, an operator can identify where the issue is and resolve the problem before it becomes a much more expensive problem.

When you choose to take advantage of BMS electrical contractors, you are not only reducing the day-to-day operating costs of your business. Instead, you are also improving your building's security and making the building's systems much more convenient for the operator.

Oaktree Interiors: The UK's Leading BMS Electrical Contractors

If you're looking for the best building management systems, with extensive experience in both office design and the integration of an effective BMS, then you need to look no further than Oaktree Interiors.

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