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Having been operating within the office design industry for well over 20 years here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been at the forefront of the constant changes in trends during that time. A relatively recent trend that has grown in popularity of late is that of flexible working and more specifically, agile working. If you're looking for an office refurbishment in Reading – agile working is something that we can easily cater for in an office design.

Why Choose Office Refurbishment In Reading?

Bestowing new and exciting designs that will work to modernise your workplace, is just one great benefit that can be achieved by refreshing your office design. Here are the other benefits provided by an office refurbishment in Reading:

  • Produce a great environment and reap the benefits. A massive factor in the downturn of productivity that many businesses experience can be put down to the surroundings in which staff work. Nobody wants to work in an environment that is drab, unexciting and uninspiring; these feelings would only cause employees to feel unhappy, leading to a downturn in productivity and the quality of work produced.
  • Reorganise your workspace. If you're looking ahead to a potential future expansion but aren't keen on moving from your current location and uprooting your business – an office refurbishment in Reading has the potential to reimagine your office space, creating more room. It's not just expansion that may require a reorganisation of course, but you may need to make room for new technologies or are required to introduce elements that would assist in your office meeting fire regulations or health and safety legislation etc. There is no real end to the many aspects that can be created with a reorganisation of your office space.
  • Introduce company branding. In today's modern business world, company branding has become a must for those who need to sell their services to clients. With a company's office being the centre of its operations, what will it say about it if it doesn't have a clear identity?

So, What Exactly Is Agile Working?

To put it simply, agile working is an approach that sees a business allowing its employees to work where, when and how they choose. Based on the concept of work is an activity we do, rather than a location where we are, by working with maximum flexibility and under the minimum of constraints, workers will be able to take control and responsibility of optimising their own performance, which would eventually succeed in producing a higher quality of work.

This working philosophy has been made possible in this modern world, thanks to the wide availability of flexible styles of technology to individuals and businesses. These tools give people the opportunity to communicate in a way that suits their and their customer's needs, as well as helping to effectively reduce costs, improve sustainability and increasing productivity.

Quite simply, implementing an agile working design on their office refurbishment in Reading will give businesses a great opportunity to work smarter, by allowing staff to be able to set their own working parameters, communicating at a time and in a way that they feel comfortable with.

The Benefits of Agile Working, For Businesses Their Employees.

Offering a business that is seeking a new and versatile approach, a strong, long-term strategy in which to achieve their aims, the benefits of agile working include:

  • Save on costs. The nature of possessing a flexible workforce, which starts and finishes at different times of the day, will allow for businesses to cut down on the expense of office space and the equipment needed.
  • Increased ability to attract (and keep) the best talent. With the interest in flexible working in general being on the rise, many people actively look for flexibility when they apply for jobs – those companies who don't offer it may miss out on recruiting talent that could make a huge difference in the standing of the business. The provision of agile working will also have an impact in boosting a company's retention rates, as those employees who may need to start work at varying times during the week, because of personal or travel issues, can do so and not be forced to look for work that would suit their circumstances better.
  • A better-balanced work-life. By having more control over the precise distribution of the hours that they work during a week, employees can ensure that they approach their work with much better levels of concentration. It's only natural to have 'off days' and be distracted by other aspects other than work during a set period of a day; by setting their own hours, employees will approach the working day with nothing else in mind and thus are able to fully bestow their thoughts on their work.
  • An increased feeling of job satisfaction. Allowing employees the freedom to have a say in how, where and when they want to work will give them more motivation to produce the highest quality of work they can for the company. Agile working also allows staff to understand the times, places and situations in which they are the most productive, which will further allow them to keep any distractions to an absolute minimum.
  • Autonomy. Whereas some traditional workspaces sit employees at the same desk, on the same computer at the same times of day, agile working will give employees the freedom to choose the space that they feel comfortable in. Giving employees the ownership over their working day will work to break down barriers of hierarchy and authority and experiencing such empowerment can only lead to a further increase in job satisfaction and general happiness; two key ingredients in producing great work and keeping such valuable talent at the company.

Looking To Implement Agile Working In Your Workplace? Let Oaktree Interiors Help.

Each office refurbishment in Reading that we carry out is done so to a set timescale and design plan, fully agreed with the client beforehand, in order to ensure as seamless a transition as possible. No matter the type of business or your requirements, if you're looking to create your perfect workspace – whether if it includes concessions for agile working or not – we can ensure you that we will be able to carry out the work needed.

If you require further information on how we can help you to create your ideal working space for your company, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 0845 474 3556, or you can e-mail us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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