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The idea of an office environment being a formal, stifling kind of place is dying out and, instead, giving way to more innovative and inclusive workplaces. In the United States, more offices than ever have begun to take advantage of the latest adaptations to traditional attitudes in office design and it has never been a better time to refurbish your office and improve your employee's productivity, health and happiness.

What's Changed In Office Design?

Increasingly, offices which have prided themselves on cubicles or private work areas with few public areas, or long, formal rooms featuring an over-sized, inefficient conference table, are dying out in favour of contemporary, informal and ever-more efficient open-planned office spaces.

Having an open-plan office encourages a sense of familiarity and interactivity between your employees and helps to break down the old barriers of formality which often contribute to stifling the natural growth of businesses. Contemporary palettes of bright, neutral colours and access to natural light have proven to improve employee health and encourage them to a deeper and more satisfying sleep, thus increasing their overall happiness at their workplace and their productivity. The image of the dark cubicle, illuminated by fluorescent lighting purchased en masse has vanished amidst realisations that it is, in fact, hampering the efficiency of the employee trapped inside its bleak walls.

How Can These Office Design Ideas Help You?

Companies like Twitter, well known for its innovations in the idea of the contemporary workspace, have thrown the conventions of the past aside completely by completely removing separate desks. Instead, employees use laptops to move around the office, enabling them to work where they feel the most comfortable and be able to enjoy quick meetings in different rooms with different people without the need for extended periods of time waiting for every member of the meeting to prepare.

Glass walls which promote a feeling of openness and trustworthiness have become one of the most important aspects of the modern office, allowing employees to feel less segregated from their superiors or peers, and improving the amount of natural light accessible in the building. The removal of a certain degree of unnecessary privacy has engendered contemporary offices to an almost 'social media-like' level of interaction, with everyone able to interact with everyone else and offer support or additional information depending on the employee's needs.

This promotion of interactivity also contributes to nurturing the employee's sense of loyalty to the business, either directly or indirectly due to the employee's loyalty to their peers. With constant interaction, your employee doesn't feel segregated, or kept 'out of the loop', from the general activities in the office.

Innovative Office Interiors In And Around Greater London

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we offer innovative and contemporary office design and refurbishment services which are proven to increase employee health and productivity. Our professional team have more than 30 years' experience in office interiors in Greater London which have been proven to increase your employee's productivity, happiness and health.

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