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Oaktree Interiors specialise in office refurbishment, we are respected as one of the industry leaders in our line of work, we have undertaken many office fit outs for a variety of businesses, of all sizes. One major aspect that makes us stand out from the rest is our excellent customer service – no aspect of our work is undertaken without our client's thoughts in mind. Our bespoke office designs enable businesses to retain a better environment, helping their staff to feel comfortable and productive in their new surroundings.

We employ the same mantra in our own workplace, as we endeavour to support all of our staff in their personal endeavours. We feel that it's vitally important that we're able to support our staff because it promotes a community atmosphere in the workplace. If staff feel valued, then this will only contribute to the positive atmosphere and lead to long-term productivity effects. Nobody wants to work in an aesthetically grey, boring, dull office – the same applies to the atmosphere too!

Recently, our Finance Administrator, Sue Francis, took part in the 50km event of the Thames Path Challenge. Sue undertook an extremely tough walk along a large stretch of the River Thames, taking in many great sights (which possibly helped to ease some of her aches, at least for a few seconds!) Raising money for the Neuro Foundation, she did it in 10 hours and 33 minutes – with the target time set by the organisers at 11 hours, this was a brilliant effort. Well done Sue!

What is the Thames Path Challenge?

Taking place over the weekend of the 10/11th September 2016, the Thames Path Challenge saw over 5000 people take on various courses in which they were invited to run, walk or wheel their way around the banks of the River Thames. Set between Putney Bridge in West London and Henley in Oxfordshire, the route took in Kew Gardens and Hampton Court Palace, as well as everything in between. Steeped with history and providing a superb backdrop for those taking part, the Thames Path Challenge raised over £2m for various charities, so the event was a huge success.

The Neuro Foundation

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is an umbrella name for a number of genetic conditions that go on to cause a high possibility of the formation of tumours in sufferers. NF is caused by a mutation of a gene that can be passed on in families, from one generation to the next. However, around 50% of NF sufferers do not have any family history of the gene – meaning that the condition can generate itself and affect anyone. NF can occur in any person – any gender, age or race isn't immune to the condition.

The affects of NF can vary from one to person to another, even in the same family. Some people may only be mildly affected with a few health problems, whereas others will contract serious issues that mean that daily life will be difficult and will restrict what they are able to do. There are three different types of groups, which are NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis.

  • NF1 mainly causes problems to a person's eyes, bones and skin. Aside from the obvious physical suffering, all NF conditions cause psychological issues too – it's common for children with NF to also suffer learning and behavioural problems.
  • NF2 causes someone to develop tumours on nerves that are used to help with their hearing and sense of balance. Gradual hearing loss is a common identifier of NF2. Other symptoms' include skin problems, headaches, vomiting and seizures, as well as back pain.
  • Schwannomatosis is a rare form of NF and is closely related to NF2, so the condition is much-harder to spot. The condition is mostly found in people aged 30+ and shares many of the symptoms identified with NF2, as well as NF1.

The Neuro Foundation aims to compliment the services that are already provided by the NHS and tries to ensure that all patients have sufficient access to health care that is appropriate to their needs. Like many charities, every penny they can raise helps to further treat the condition, as well as promote its role in offering support and guidance to sufferers.

NHS Treatment for NF

All children who have been diagnosed with NF have regular health checks with a paediatrician throughout childhood. Once the child reaches adulthood, their care is transferred to either their GP, a specialist, a NF clinic or any other hospital-based doctor depending on their circumstances and health situation. The treatments for NF on the NHS include;

  • National NF1 Service – This a service that is funded by the NHS nationally and aims to look after all of the healthcare needs of any NF1 patients in England who suffer from rare complications that cause major health problems. There are two national NF centres, as well as a multi-disciplinary team of senior doctors and nurses that are able to undertake a diagnosis as well as long-term care of patients with complex NF1.
  • National NF2 Service – A nationally-funded service was established in 2010 for patients in England who have been diagnosed with NF2. This service is designed to help ensure that patients are managed consistently by experienced doctors within a multi-disciplinary setting, receiving the highest standard of care. Nationally, the service is co-ordinated from four major clinics, which are located in Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford and London. Each of the centres runs smaller clinics around the geographical area that they are responsible for and the hope is that they will grow in the future.

Oaktree – Providers of quality, bespoke communal atmospheres

We are one big happy family here at Oaktree Interiors, who support our staff in all their endeavours. Able to create bespoke office environments that work to promote communal activities, as well as being functional for work, we are proud to be industry leaders in our field. If you'd like us to tell how we cancreate a bespoke office design for you, please give us a call on 0845 474 3556 or e-mail us athello@oaktreeoffice.com

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