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Graffiti has been known to cause controversy. Some view it an act of vandalism, whereas others see it as artistic expression. While graffiti was viewed as unlawful about ten years ago, with graffiti artists having their drawings washed away, the times have changed.

The rise of the famous graffiti artist Banksy has turned things around, and graffiti has gained the status of street art. This type of art is not just limited to the city streets; it now influences office design London as well.

Office Design In London Inspired By Street Art

The ironic stencils, graffiti and other works by Banksy have influenced the way office design in London is perceived today. Many offices are embracing urban style, which has travelled from the streets straight to our workplaces.

People who look to redesign their offices are no longer happy with bland colourless walls – they want spicier designs which reflect their businesses attitude. Now many office designs feature bold murals flowing across the wall and large stencils. Corporate companies are also using street art and not only as a splash of paint on the walls, but in their furniture choices and unusual interior design elements as well.

Creative Approach To Office Design

Office design in London has come a long way, from generic layouts to more modern, exciting and stimulating aesthetics. It's not just graffiti that spices up office design; it is also the approach to the office space itself. People are looking to revamp their workplaces by opting for open plan work spaces, adding quirky interior design items that will create an inspiring environment for their staff.

Thinking outside the box is now the norm in office design, which has become a lot more creative and unconventional than the typical workplace 20 years ago. Google, for example, is known for its quirky approach to office design, which encourages creative thinking from employees, and is designed to increase productivity.

There are many advantages to workplace redesign, such as increased creativity, productivity, and sustainability. Modern office and workplace designs take a greener, more creative approach which also raises awareness. An increasing number of offices are looking to have recycling bins and are urging their employees to use bicycles to ride to work.

Increase Productivity With Office Redesign In London

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