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Here at Oaktree Interiors we are passionate about designing and producing specialised office refurbishments for companies in London and all over the UK. Our service is perfect for companies who want to create an office space that is tailored to suit the requirements of their business and its employees. One of our most recent projects has been for the I.T. networking company, Solarflare, who approached us to come up with a design for their new offices in the Westbrook centre in Cambridge.

Oaktree Selected by Solarflare For Their New Office Design

For the project, four different companies were asked to produce their own designs, with ours becoming one of two that would make up the final decision. The two were selected because of the proposed designs they put forward, how well the designs stuck to the brief and the competitiveness of the quotes.

The client came back with a few layout and specification changes, which we then accommodated into our plans before delivering the final presentations in November. The company were impressed with our final designs and made the decision to appoint Oaktree later that month.

As well as our design, Solarflare were also influenced by the great track record that we have built up, including our great time and budget management, but particularly with our special team of electrical and data engineers.

They have worked with us full time on every project we undertake, ensuring that everything is wired and networked to the client's exact requirements, ready for the company to move straight in. This element makes us popular with many technology companies, where having the best I.T. systems is imperative to the smooth everyday running of the business.

The project is due to start in February 2014 and is scheduled to take around 8 weeks. To stay within this time frame, a lot of planning was needed to ensure all of the client's requirements were met. Everything was considered including the layout of the rooms and desks, spaces for meetings and rest areas, as well as the colours and aesthetics of the office, which can all make a difference to the company image and the work ethic of employees.

Fantastic Office Design Solutions at Oaktree Interiors

At Oaktree Interiors we have 30 years of experience and knowledge that makes us one of the leading office design and refurbishment companies in the UK. We have a team that covers every part of the process, from planning and designing right through to the final build, so you never have to worry. Our services include a thorough analysis of your workplace, so that we have a complete understanding of the goals and objectives for the project, and to ensure your new design helps your company continue to grow.

To find out more about our great office design and refurbishment solutions, get in contact with us by emailing hello@oaktreeoffice.com or calling 0845 474 3556, where you can speak to an expert advisor.

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