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Your company's identity needs to be at the forefront of your vision when building a successful business. Potential clients will be highly swayed by how your identity comes across and getting it wrong could have massive implications for your profits and success. Potential clients may have made a decision at first glance on a subconscious level, even before you have marketed anything to them. So Office Design is paramount to success.

How Can I Create An Identity With My Office Design?

There are several approaches that need to be taken to ensure fantastic Office design and here are a few elements we think are vital making your business a success:

  • The Casual Approach – This is a great approach to look smart and professional but also innovative and attractive. Coming across as too corporate can appear to be stifling and too impersonal. The casual affect still looks professional and trustworthy but will feel to clients that you are warm company to work with and not just a number in the corporate machine. It also allows you to reflect your personality in your business and office by influencing the décor. This could work wonders as it gives potential clients into you as a person making them far more likely to buy from you.
  • Eco-Friendly - Keeping the office clean and eco-friendly is always a good route to go down as it can boost efficiency in employees as working in a clean office will aid concentration and this will be instilled on clients as well. Also reducing carbon emissions in the office will perceive you to be a company that cares as you are saving the environment and also cutting your energy costs at the same time and improving profits.
  • Be Impressive – At Oaktree Interiors we take what exists and make it even better and if it's not already been done we'll design it, your options are endless when working with us, we'll make your office design the best it can possibly be. Our ideas are not only functional and aesthetic but encompass technical components as well to ensure that lighting, heating, ventilation, power and data are compliant to meet the need for the long-term. Our bespoke office designs are fabulously stylish to give the perfect image for your business.

See How Oaktree Can Help With Your Office Design

We can create 3D visualisations, 2D sketches and theme boards etc to enable you to fully realise and visualise what your new office environment will look like. We will complete a full work place analysis to make sure every detail is covered to fully optimise your office space. Our in-house experts will provide you with imaginative, exciting and inspired design features that will provide contemporary but evolving décor to fulfill all your business needs.

To create something special for your company and to see efficiency increase and clientele boom contact Oaktree interiors today for expert design. Please don't hesitate to call us on: 0118 979 6600 or email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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