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Office design may seem like a superficial requirement, but in reality it can serve as an integral part of a business' success. The design and layout of an office influences how employees communicate, their performance and their overall wellbeing. At Oaktree Interiors, we can provide a carefully designed office refurbishment in London and all over the UK.

Five Useful Tips For Your Office Refurbishment In London.

Attention to detail and knowing how those details can affect the workplace is important to ensuring you have the best office refurbishmentin London. UK businesses can benefit hugely by redesigning their office space, and here are five useful tips on where to start.

Office Refurbishment London

Using space and light – The majority of workers will spend their working lives indoors, many of whom will be sat at their desks away from the nearest window. Natural light can affect mood and the health of employees, so make sure the windows aren't blocked with furniture, blinds and plants. Instead of seating employees in the centre of the room, use the areas nearest to the windows to place workstations. Avoid using interior walls and cubicles which will block out natural light, as well as make the room feel more cramped.

Break-out spaces – It's important to incorporate communal areas into office designs to offer different environments for alternative functions. Areas where employees can eat lunch, have meetings or discuss ideas away from the desk are popular choices. To set them apart from the rest of the office, use casual furnishings, different carpet and meeting tables.

Storage areas – An office full of clutter and mess will not only negatively affect employees but also gives the wrong impression to job candidates and clients. Include a kitchen space for food preparation, eating and refrigeration to prevent employees eating at desks. Place stationary and supplies storage in otherwise unused space, and include somewhere to keep paper records. If there's enough room, look into providing lockers for employees to keep their bags and coats locked away and safe.

Furnishings and decor – Although it's vital to keep to a particular budget for your redesign, the standard of furnishings and decor should still be high. With low quality furniture, carpets etc money may be saved in the short term, but more will be spent on replacements in the future. You should also consider the moral and health of your employees. The right colour scheme and design can improve mood and productivity. Uncomfortable chairs will do the opposite and cause back pain which can lead to an increase in sick days.

Ask employees – To find out what your office needs and how to please your workforce, ask your employees. They can tell you how the current office affects communication, productivity and mood, as well as what to avoid in the redesign.

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