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We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been chosen to undertake a redesign, reconfiguration and office refurbishment in Hertfordshire for Pure International, at their headquarters, located in Kings Langley.

As a forward-thinking company, Pure International have recognised the impact that a brand new office fit out has on a business. Not only will a completely new design help to reorganise the environment, making it much easier to work in, the atmosphere created will help to push productivity levels up; increasing the quality of work produced.

Pure International and Their New Office Refurbishment In Hertfordshire

Pure International's forward-thinking nature in regards to their new office fit out should come as no surprise. In 1999 the people behind the company pioneered the manufacture of digital radio technology which nearly 20 years later, has all-but replaced traditional analogue radio systems. To date, they have achieved over 5 million sales of their products, with them being retailed by some of the most recognisable electronics brands throughout the world.

Based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, the original company was formed in 2002 as a division of Imagination Technologies, initially as a developer and manufacturer of DAB decoding chips. Later, they moved to the overall development and manufacturing of digital radio sets. In 2016, Imagination sold their digital radio division, creating Pure International, which is still headquartered in Kings Langley.

Pure's Office Design Brief

Pure International approached Oaktree Interiors, as they were interested in creating a workspace that was more open and vibrant. They also wanted an office refurbishment in Hertfordshire that gave their employees a more inspiring environment to operate in. As an added caveat, Pure also wanted their office to create a unique branding image. An image that summed up their new status as a standalone business that concentrated solely on producing digital radios.

A major part of their requirements was the need to bring all the key facilities on to one floor, including the boardroom and product showroom. Currently, the existing configuration divides the main office into two, due to the location of a number of central offices, meeting rooms and print and copy areas. This is why a complete rethink and redesign was required for their office fit out, in order to relocate these facilities and create a more open plan, collaborative working space.

Another key requirement that Pure stipulated was for the improvement of the staff kitchen and breakout facilities to create an improved environment in order to encourage staff interaction. This will no doubt be helped by the fantastic view they have from their location, which overlooks two canals!

Our Office Fit Out Solution For Pure International.

Having already undertaken a large amount of office refurbishment in Hertfordshire, our vastly-experienced and highly-skilled projects, mechanical and electrical teams carried out a number of detailed surveys of the building. This gave our in-house designers the opportunity to create a number of different layout options in accordance with Pure's requirements. These different options demonstrated how the existing space could work much more effectively, whilst connecting the two sides of the open plan office. Our designers then brought this initial design to life by creating a 3D representation of each area to demonstrate how the new office design would look and how much Pure's brand and identity would be key to the overall environment presented by the design.

During the design process, a new office suite area was created in order to open up those enclosed central areas and a multi-functional boardroom and showroom area will be created. This showroom will also comprise of a lounge area which will allow for the products that Pure create, to be present in an environment that they are intended for. In addition, the new, much-larger breakout facility will be able to link to the existing kitchen area and can be used for company and staff events.

Feature carpets will be added to the design, in order to create a 'customer journey' for clients who visit the showroom or meeting areas. Product branding will also be created around the main entrance in order to give that 'professional look' as soon as any clients walk in. Other feature flooring will be used to link the breakout area with the kitchen and also to define certain areas of the office – whilst still maintaining that 'open plan feel' across the office.

In terms of electricals, our mechanical and electrical teams will be installing additional Cat7 data cabling to the new desk positions. A reconfiguration of the air condition system will also take place in order for it to create the perfect atmosphere for the brand-new, productive layout.

Looking For A Brand New Office Design? Look No Further Than Oaktree Interiors

Pure International's office refurbishment in Hertfordshire represents just one of many exciting office design projects we've already carried out this year. Having been operating within the office fit out industry for over 30 years now, we have seen the impact that an improved environment has on a business. No matter if you're a new start-up or a multinational organisation, the positive impact in terms of functionality, productivity and branding that a new design has on a business is a vast one. No matter the status of your company, your location in the South East of England or your budget – we are able to offer help and advice on how you can make the most of your interiors.

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