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When considering a new office interior, many businesses feel that the carefree, playful atmosphere that many contemporary offices take advantage of, like Google and Facebook, are the right choice for them.

Combining The Classic With The Contemporary

Blending the classic, stylish office atmosphere with the proven advantages of contemporary design can be difficult for many office fit-outs. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we specialise in creating completely unique environments for every business that we work alongside.

Whilst many businesses are finding that contemporary office designs are perfect for them, there are various industries which find the more outlandish office designs unsuitable for their needs.

Certain types of businesses which rely on a luxurious aesthetic can hardly be expected to feature bean-bags and colourful slides - such as those you are likely to find in contemporary development and technological offices. Businesses which might be unsuitable include wealth-advisory businesses and the offices of law firms.

Creating a sense of warmth whilst providing that same respectable image can be extremely difficult. The last thing that modern offices want to do is intimidate their clients or their employees. Ensuring a friendly atmosphere can be essential to encouraging high-productivity, workplace satisfaction and client engagement.

Whilst most modern office fit-out and refurbishment strategies recommend minimalist designs and multi-purpose space, these features can often clash with the overall design of a classic office space.

Creating A Classic Look In The Modern Era

Utilising darker woods for flooring, or wood-panelling for the walls, can help to create a sense of severity in the office environment. The inclusion of a portal-style entrance can sharpen the viewpoint to the room directly ahead which can be particularly effective of leading into a boardroom or a reception area; anywhere that it is likely your client might be spending an extended period of time.

Rosewood is particularly recommended, as it has been said to capture the romanticism that clients often attribute to the office environments of the 1960s. One feature that rarely makes an appearance in contemporary offices, and yet which many offices could probably do with, is a built-in cocktail unit.

An increasing number of high-class agencies and law firms are even offering their clients a menu of cocktails, so that they can really feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere.

Of course, it is worth remembering that this high-class, classical aesthetic is only used for customer-facing parts of the office. On the actual office floor, or other areas where you are hoping to create a friendly environment of high-productivity, it is best to take advantage of more modern office fit-out strategies. Remember to make the most of natural sunlight, and keep your workers motivated with brighter or neutral colours over dark alternatives.

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At Oaktree, we have been providing industry-leading office interior designs for many years. We specialise in creating entirely bespoke environments which reflect your business' brand identity. We ensure that every office we design is perfect for the business that will use it, whether that includes the addition of an effective BMS, or something as simple as quiet working areas away from the office floor.

For more information, or to discover how we can help you to create the perfect environment for your business, contact Oaktree Interiors today on 0118 979 6600 or email us directly at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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