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Natural light should always be the first choice when it comes to office interiors and effective office design for a range of businesses. Artificial light should only be used when natural light won't reach a certain area, or during winter and the darker hours of the day. There are a diverse range of reasons why natural light is essential for any kind of office design.

In order to achieve the required levels of natural light, however, you often have to sacrifice your levels of privacy which, particularly in managerial offices and boardrooms, is absolutely essential for keeping sensitive information private.

What Are The Advantages Of Natural Light?

There are a huge range of benefits available through the use of natural light. Renovations and refurbishments which increase the amount of natural light in an office design can provide such benefits as:

  • Happier Workforce.
  • Less Absenteeism.
  • Fewer Illnesses.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Higher Levels of Workplace Satisfaction.

Several studies, including the “Responsible Workplace" has discovered that windows are, actually, the number one determinant of the occupants' level of satisfaction within a building. Along with this, many other researchers have discovered that there is a direct relationship between the daylight exposure of employees and their sleeping cycle. By having a poor sleep cycle, many employees suffer from illnesses which affect productivity and overall wellbeing – there are even links between the natural light in working environments and depression.

How Can You Improve Natural Light In Your Office Space?

Modern office designs, which revolve around open-plan working environments, are great at spreading natural light throughout the office. By having as few barriers within the space as possible, the natural light available will stretch much farther into the room.

For those offices that do need partitions, choosing glass models, and glass doors too, are a great solution. They allow natural light to penetrate them, but can drastically reduce the amount of sound that passes across the same space. The only major drawback to glass partitions is the lack of privacy that they can provide; which is similar to the problems offered by large windows as well.

What Is Privacy Glass And How Can It Benefit An Office Design?

One of the increasingly common solutions to improve privacy and visual security whilst still offering high levels of natural light is for office interior designers to include privacy glass into their design. These modern solutions provide efficient use of space for office interiors without having to compromise on service.

Privacy glass contains a special LCD layer which can turn the glass from transparent to translucent, allowing completely optional levels of privacy and natural light versatility. For those office spaces which require both the wow factor and the option for privacy, particularly boardrooms and manager offices, privacy glass can really make a difference.

With privacy glass, you can effectively create subdivisions of office space and private conference rooms which deliver instantaneous isolation when carrying out meetings and presentations.

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