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There were a lot of interesting office design trends in 2016. Whether you're office is in Dublin, Edinburgh or London, it's important to stay one step ahead when it comes to interior design.

Now that 2017 is here, many are wondering what the next big office trends will be.

If you're interested in Office interiors in Hackney...

Or in fact anywhere in the UK, here are six possible office trends that might grow in 2017!

1. Bring The Outside, Inside.

Your employees spend many hours inside your office. Bring some of the outside inside. For example, you could install a living wall. Many people feel more relaxed and less stressed when there is a plant in the room, as such many office spaces include indoor plants in their work environments; however, a living wall has a striking post-modern aesthetic.

2. Designs That Inspire Workplace Positivity

Workplace positivity is very important for a business. There are some office design tips you can utilise that may increase the positivity of your workplace environment. For example, designing an area to provide effective downtime. A small and comfortable area where employees can relax during their break and 'recharge'. Such 'breakout rooms' are becoming more and more popular. Many offices have a breakout room in which colleagues can mingle during the break. An article written by the Huffington Post explains the importance of taking a break and described how taking “a break can serve as creative fuel".

As such, an area in which employees can take an effective break can help them to return to work at the end of their break feeling refreshed and reenergised.

3. Integrated Tech!

Technology is constantly advancing. It seems like every year things get smaller and faster. This is because of something called Moore's law.

More and more people use tech in their daily lives, so office furniture with built-in features like wireless charging stations, USB and USB-C ports for people to charge their devices in break rooms could become more common in offices around the country.

If your workers use laptops as a part of their workday. Integrating plug sockets into the furniture would also create a more streamlined office space. With integrated plug sockets, you can limit the amount of wires on the floor that could potentially cause trip hazards. By integrating technology into your workplace, you create a streamlined working experience in which technology becomes a part of the standard working day.

4. Keep It Flexible!

A well designed office is very important. A flexible office layout can adapt to meet any challenges it is faced with.

Modular furniture can play an important role, allowing for an area to be customised in order to meet any changing requirements. Another item of furniture that can help keep your office flexible is the sit/stand desk. This gives employees the freedom to choose to work how they feel most comfortable.

5. Different Room – Different Colour


Colour co-ordination is in many aspects of our lives. So why should our work lives be any different? Many people find that certain colours effect their mood, so you could select colours based upon the moods you would like to promote in the work environment. Or you could colour co-ordinate the office space to reflect the activities in the building. For example, sales could be in the red room, whereas customer support could be in the blue room.

6. Co-Working

Some office spaces are not being ran to their full capacity, this empty space still has to be paid for. With tight margins and the rise in smaller businesses. Many businesses need a different option. For many, the answer is co-working.

Essentially co-working means a shared office. This can create incredible working communities. Allowing people of different talents to group together who otherwise would not.

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Improving your office space can bring many benefits to your business. It can help your business with branding, creating a fantastic first impression for any visitors. It can help you take full advantage of all available space and it can help create a comfortable working environment, boosting employee happiness and productivity.

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