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Despite the clear advantages from a business perspective of a completely open-plan office, many employees would still prefer a private working space within the dynamic, collaborative atmosphere.

The Benefits Of Office Partitioning Systems!

When companies make the most of office partitioning systems, they provide their employees with the perfect blend of a private area and an open-plan workplace. As cost-effect and practical solutions for the creation or segregation of working spaces they are far more effective than permanent walls, which interrupt the flow of the working environment and can often result in workers feeling isolated or alone in their environment.

Office partitioning systems are perfecting when creating private areas, or identifying where one area of the open-plan office ends and another begins. Perfect solutions for the creation of meeting room, lunch rooms, offices, lobbies and corridors, they are fantastic at dividing the open spaces of your newly refurbished office.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are also proud that our office partitioning can be soundproofed, to completely remove audible distraction from a specific work area and can be optimised for fire-safety, so that any incident can be contained as easily as if it were trapped in a permanently walled room.

This soundproofing is particularly important as 'peace and quiet' came out on top of the list of things which employee's believed could improve both their working conditions and their efficiency.

It has been revealed that around 85% of employees are dissatisfied with their office environment and find it difficult to concentrate amongst much of the noise of which contemporary office designs are often guilty.

Mathew Kobylar, a regional workplace practice area leader at Gensler, a leading architecture firm, said that 'Open-plan is quite effective as a general space, but there are times when you need to focus on collaboration and it fails to support that.'

Office partitioning systems are used by so many top office designers because of a few simply advantages they boast over permanent walls, including:

  • Functionality – Various types of office partitioning systems are available, including glass and cubicle-styled systems, which offer varying advantages; glass partitions, for example, allow the more effective spread of natural light throughout the office and will offer quiet, calm working environments without isolating specific employees.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Unlike solid or permanent walls, partitions are cheap and easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal choice to utilise in an office environment.
  • Visually Appealing – Office partitions can be made to exactly match the rest of your office, and can help to improve your inner-office brand imagery by highlighting your company colours.
  • Adaptive – Office partitions can be moved around fairly easily and can even be removed completely, allowing a greater adaptability and flexibility in the office's layout. These partitions can also be a fantastic way of creating privacy quickly, particularly for business meetings or training purposes.

Office Partitioning Systems – For Employee Convenience

Here at Oaktree, we are proud to say that every office partitioning system we provide excels as a solution to a wide variety of open-plan design issues, and that they act as an incredible blend of stylish design and incredible practicality.

For more information, or to discover what office partitioning systems we can provide for your business, get in touch on 0845 474 3556 or email our friendly and knowledgeable support team at hello@oaktreeinteriors.com.

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