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We have performed a lot of office refurbishments over the past year. We have undertaken many projects to provide businesses' office spaces with the necessary adjustments and renovations in order to function in a more efficient manner. If you're interested in an Office refurbishment in Berkshire, give Oaktree Interiors a call on 0845 474 3556.

Here are some of our office refurbishment 'greatest hits':

  • Foundation IT – Office Refurbishment In Silchester. Foundation IT are a business with many years of experience building IT infrastructure solutions. They provide services such as Disaster Recovery, Back Up & Data Protection, IT Security and many other services.

The renovation service we carried out provided a modern office environment for their staff to work in whilst also creating a workplace that reflects the business's brand and their values.

  • Trimble UK – Office Refurbishment In London. Trimble UK are one of the leading experts in GPS technology. The provide GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies. Their products are used throughout the world and in numerous different industries.

We created new rooms that Trimble UK could use for meetings; we created a brand new reception area and a fantastic tea room. Each space was fitted with new carpets, we added new furniture and we installed bespoke glass wall partitions. In addition to this our electrical division worked on new lighting and at the same time our team also provided general maintenance and repairs.

  • Cohort PLC – Office Refurbishment In Reading. An independent technology group, Cohort PLC acts as a parent company of five businesses who operate in different aspects of the defence industry:

Cohort needed a quality office that would refresh their space. The entire floor needed a uniform look and feel, and the work needed to be carried out in a manner that reduces the disruption to their staff. We installed new flooring, provided new furniture, and added new vinyl graphics to produce a modern theme. In addition to these services, we also installed electrical equipment, and provided two different carpet designs for the two companies that occupied the office space, Cohort and SCS.

They provide unbiased evidence that can be used to improve education services, with such an important role to play; they needed a high quality office space and as such, they trusted the services from Oaktree Interiors.

Having been previously let down by a third party company, they had an urgent need for our refurbishment services. Fortunately for Planit Testing, we thrive under pressure. We included new desks and furniture into their workspace, we added schemes for additional redecoration, flooring and electrical items in order to make the office space a comfortable place to work.

What Is Included In An Oaktree Interiors Office Refurbishment Service?

Our office renovation services include numerous different services than can improve productivity, integrate computer systems and make your workplace a more pleasant area to work in.

Some of the many services that our refurbishments contain are:

  • Joinery work
  • Partitioning systems
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical refurbishment
  • Mechanical services (such as air conditioning)
  • Office furniture
  • Storage solutions
  • Networking services
  • Audio/Visual services

Why Should You Choose Oaktree Interiors For An Office Refurbishment?

If you are interested in an office refurbishment in Berkshire you should give Oaktree Interiors a call on 0345 2186955 There are numerous advantages to an office renovation from Oaktree Interiors, some of which are:

  • An Office Solution That's Right For You. We'll never suggest that you follow the latest trends. Instead we believe that a business's office space should be designed to complement the workforce. It should reflect your business's values, ethos and your brand. Finally it should also make the working day easier for your employees, providing them with an efficient and enjoyable working environment.
  • Our Team Thrive Under Pressure. If you have a project with a short deadline, get into touch with Oaktree Interiors, our team work fantastically under pressure. We work swiftly with cool heads, completing work within short timescales all whilst minimising the disruption to your business.
  • We Can Provide Professional Advice. Over our thirty years of industry experience we have completed various services and overcome many challenges. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses from a wide variety of industries. During these many years of experience we have gained a wealth of information. With an office design or renovation service from Oaktree Interiors; you can take advantage of our large amount of experience.

Interested In An Office Refurbishment In Berkshire, Give Oaktree Interiors A Call

If you are interested in an office refurbishment in Berkshire from a very experienced team with more than thirty years expertise in the industry, give Oaktree Interiors a call.

If you would like to read about some of our previous work, you can find numerous examples by visiting our case studies page. Here you'll find information regarding previous projects that we have completed. For example, you can read about our previous work for UL International . You can also visit our testimonials page and read what some of our previous customers have written about our services, for example Cohort PLC wrote, “they have been helpful and polite through the entire process."

If you have any questions regarding office interiors in Berkshire or any of our services and would like to speak to our team, you can contact our team in a variety of different ways:

  • To contact us by telephone please call, 0345 2186955
  • To contact us by email, please send an email to,hello@oaktreeoffice.com.
  • You could also contact us by filling out our contact form,
  • Or you can use the “chat with us!" feature in the bottom right of your browser.
  • You can also reach out to us on social media!
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