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The office environment is constantly changing – whether it's changes in the number of staff, changes in technology or even changes in the nature of the business – the fast-paced nature of the modern world means that it's important for businesses to be able to possess an environment that is able to meet all of these changes. With London being one of world's top cities to do business, it's very much a trendsetter – which is why many choose office refurbishment in London to help them to transform their workspaces.

Why Office Refurbishment In London?

If you're thinking about improving your office design, here are a few reasons why a refurbishment would help to progress your business:

  • More-effective operations. If you feel that your current work environment could do with a refresh; whether it's a lick of paint, new furniture, carpets, computers, or even a full-scale office fit out, then a office refurbishment will be ideal. By reorganising your office, you'll be able to understand how the space can be better utilised – which will only make its long-term operations go smoothly, leading to an increased level of productivity amongst staff.
  • Productivity. One major reason why people choose an office refurbishment in London is that a new, refreshed, bespoke workplace will work to engage staff and help them to feel comfortable as they go about their work. You don't have to be a Sigmund Freud to understand that an environment that allows someone to be happy and comfortable will help to produce a better quality of work – something which will only benefit the business as it goes about its day-to-day operations.
  • Make a good impression. If you host clients as part of your business, then you'll obviously want to be able to present the best-possible environment that you can. Think of it like an extension of your advertising materials – by incorporating company branding within the workplace, you'll not only be helping staff to feel comfortable in an extremely-professional environment, but you'll also be impressing clients too. Remember that 'First impressions make all the difference' – it's this that will help your clients to form an opinion on your company; if you can get the outlook that your company presents right, you're well on the way to making a great impression on them.

2017 Office Design Trends!

With the changing nature of offices, new and exciting trends are constantly appearing and implemented as part of an office's design. Here are some of the latest trends when it comes to office design in London:

  • Mixed Working Areas. Gone are the days when office workers used to work solely in cubicles. Open plan designs are commonplace now but of late, more 'mixed zones' have also been proving to be popular for businesses who want to combine the collaborative style that open plan brings, alongside the privacy that an enclosed desk brings.
  • Increased Levels of 'Bespoke'. Offices that reflect the company that it's representing are now becoming more and more commonplace year on year. Whether it's strict company branding, or an altogether custom design that reflects a company's philosophies; businesses are really going for it when it comes to office refurbishment in London! Whether it's the style of desks, the usage of lighting or even what's present on the walls – every aspect is up for customisation.
  • The Implementation of New Tech. Changing faster than almost every type of trend, is the technology sector that has seen more devices than ever become more mobile, as well as increases in 'plug and play' connectivity. This ability to be versatile with our technology has meant that we can now use desks that can actually incorporate tech – meaning that we don't have to sit at the same desk, let alone need extra devices to run our new tech, creating more space in our work environments. Helping this further is the emergence of cloud storage, which grows in usage by the month – instead of storing data on additional devices, it can now be stored on a secure virtual drive that takes up no space (no real space in the office anyway!)
  • An Increase In 'Workplace Culture' Promotion. By undertaking an office refurbishment in London, you'll be able to produce a workplace that is comfortable to work in; but why stop there? To make their workplaces more inspiring, many businesses have allowed employees to personalise their desks; whether that's through them placing personal effects from home or by placing company-branded items that increase the personal or professional feelings they experience during the working day.
  • Natural Office Design. An increasing trend in many office spaces has been the implementation of 'natural elements' within their workplaces. Commonly known as 'Biophilic design' the method sees the usage of elements such as plants, living walls and outdoor lighting to bring the outdoors, indoors in order to reduce stress and enhance productivity thanks to our connection with nature.

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