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New Office Refurbishment In London Receives UK's First 'Outstanding' BREEAM Award

BREEAM AwardPwC, who are a multinational professional services network, have recently completed their new office refurbishment in London, transforming their old building into the most sustainable office in the country, after receiving the UK's first BREEAM 'Outstanding' award for their riverside offices near Tower Bridge.

The building sits above the iconic Charing Cross Station, with the company working on the ground floor below the station and the nine floors above it. The total office space which needed to be refurbished totalled 40,000 sq ft, which presented a massive challenge for the designers and builders of the project.

At first the company were drawing up plans to build a whole new office for their staff, but instead decided they wanted to refurbish the structure into a world first for energy efficiency and low carbon technology. The company has a strong philosophy for being sustainable and environmentally friendly, and so decided that using their existing building would minimise the wasted energy and resources which go into a new build.

Once the decision had been made, PwC began meeting with an energy specialist to draw out the options available for their project which would achieve a minimum BREEAM rating of 'Excellent', while they hoped to reach the 'Outstanding' status. BREEAM is the world's largest environmental assessment body for sustainability and energy ratings for buildings.

Workshops were held with the staff, local people and businesses to ensure the plan worked for everyone involved, including noise and time considerations. To start the building was stripped back while part occupied by 2,000 staff, who worked on the top five floors of the building while the lower levels were completed, before moving down to allow completion of the top floors.

Many new innovations were included to reach the 'Outstanding' rating, such as a tri-generation combined cooling, heat and power system which is fuelled by recycled waste and vegetable oil. Chiller beams replace air conditioning and low-power lift braking has been installed, along with eco-friendly carpet tiles and electrical charging points.

A roof garden was also included, and 'green walls' contribute to the building's natural feel. Waterless urinals and low flush toilets were introduced to reduce water use within the building. During the work, 95% of materials were sourced responsibly and 96% of construction waste was diverted from landfill.

Independent estimates have shown that the company will save £250,000 a year on their utility bills, with the whole refurbishment expected to pay for itself after four years. The company has managed to clearly demonstrate that sustainability is going to be a key factor for all offices in the future.

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