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Although London itself is an incredible city, the most stunning area for any history buff is definitely Westminster. Westminster is not only a borough of London, but is actually a city in and of itself. Originally used to designate the area immediately around Westminster Abbey, it is also home to the UK's government and has been since the 11th century.

Westminster is an area of incredible architecture. This borough has more than 3,800 buildings of historic importance, and amounts of 21% of all London's historic properties. It's no wonder then that this is also one of the most common areas for office refurbishment in London. For all that the exterior of these buildings offer a stunning and historic aesthetic, the interiors often leave a little to be desired in terms of modern office space.

Westminster – The Centre Of London's History

It's no surprise that so many businesses want to boast an office in Westminster; the heart of London's fascinating history. Just some of the city's most iconic building packed into this small area includes Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Downing Street. Many of these landmarks are also protected by law, which explains why there isn't much of a high-rise presence in this area. However, that also limits the availability of space for businesses.

Even throughout the 20th century, this incredible area was home to hundreds of offices, whereas much of the rest of London was home to factories and mills producing all kinds of goods. It is the perfect area for any kind of office space, with a range of incredible transport links and a stunning, historic environment.

Office Refurbishment in London; For Westminster Properties

Finding a professional team to work on Westminster renovations can be difficult, largely due to the historic and protected status of many properties in the area. Despite the fact that many of these building are designed for office work, few of them are naturally suitable for modern workspaces. When it comes to Westminster offices, you need to make sure that your workplace finds the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design.

Imagine, for example, opening a hundred year old door on Old Queen Street to find that the stairs have been replaced with a slide and the dark, natural wooden flooring is cream laminate. Not to mention the multi-coloured beanbags which so many modern office designers favour.

Westminster offices require a different kind of office refurbishment in London. They require the team to understand that the interior is not independent of the exterior of the building, and such a jarring transition – from an historic exterior to a completely open-plan modern office interior – can have a real impact on your workers.

When it comes to office design and refurbishment in Westminster, you need a professional team that can combine your brand identity with employee needs and exterior aesthetic. As many of these properties are protected, adjustments that can be made are often minimal. One of the major aspects of office refurbishment in this area of London is the ability to optimise the use of space; here at Oaktree, we are experts at creating unique, cost-effective office spaces in a range of unique situations.

Choose Oaktree Interiors For Office Refurbishment In London And Westminster

At Oaktree Interiors, we are able to provide complete office refurbishment in London to a range of businesses and in a variety of situations. Our expert services can make sure that your business takes full advantage of your space and promote your company culture through intelligent design.

For unbeatable office design and refurbishment in Westminster, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0845 474 3556.

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