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Oaktree Office Refurbishment In Berkshire For Boult Wade Tennant

Towards the end of 2013 we were chosen by Boult Wade Tennant to undertake their office refurbishment in Berkshire, as they required a whole new re-design for their building in Reading. They are a company specialising in nurturing attorneys with exceptional technical skills, a wealth of legal experience and a depth of commercial awareness.

The company has a long history going back to 1894 and has built up a reputation for producing high quality work, which is why we were delighted to be asked by them to complete their office refurbishment just a stone's throw from our head office.

The company required a full refurbishment of their ground floor office space, plus a new fit out of some additional space they recently acquired on the first floor of The Anchorage, the building adjacent to the Oracle shopping centre.

The new design features a mixture of open plan desk areas, which have been installed in clusters of four, and private office and meeting rooms which the company included in their requirements for the project. A break-out area and a rest room was also included so that employees have a place they can get away from their desks during their breaks.

The colours and aesthetics were kept fairly simple for this office refurbishment, with the company opting to keep the tones neutral except for company-coloured red panels which were used to provide a splash of colour around the space. The ground floor section of the office now includes 15 segregated meeting rooms, which meant they now have the space to speak one-to-one with each of their clients at the same time!

The work for this project was all completed by February this year, with the company extremely pleased with the final result. We hope to be working with them again on more of their office refurbishments in the near future.

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