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Whilst open-plan offices are extremely popular at the moment, they suffer from one major drawback which can severely limit the productivity of many employees. The level of noise distractions that these workplaces provide can often seem endless, from loud phone calls and office conversation to piped music.

Naturally, this often results in staff members requiring headphones to block out noise, which undermines the collaborative purposes of open spaces in the first place. The most effective way to maintain the collaborative atmosphere of an open-plan office, without having to resort to personal headphones, is to take advantage of effective office partitioning in London.

The Importance Of Reduced Noise Levels

It is an established truth that the idea l level of office noise should be no greater than 60 decibels, and this is extremely achievable through intelligent office design and partitioning. The most obvious solution would be to design far fewer open plan spaces, but then a business would miss out on the wonderful advantages that an open plan design can offer, such as the collaborative working spaces.

Noise levels can be hugely distracting to many employees and can hugely decrease their productivity. This is particularly true when it comes to introverts in the workplace, whilst extroverts are more likely to thrive in such an environment.

Third Space Office Design

Staff are spending less and less time at their desks, and more time working elsewhere, in what we like to call “third spaces", which can be dedicated working rooms, meeting rooms or breakout areas. Using office partitioning in London to create these third space areas can be a great way to maintain the collaborative atmosphere without having to sacrifice some of your workforce's efficiency.

Using office partitioning to create different forms of room within an office space is an extremely effective method of improving employee productivity. Small rooms, which are sound proof, and in which phone and conference calls can take place are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of office designs.

Partitioning With Your Furniture

Office furniture also has a great role to play in workplace acoustics, and many designs now incorporate fairly private furniture layouts which are absolutely essential for informal meetings and catch ups.

High-packed booths are an effective means of providing a limited collaborative space which is effective at blocking out external sound, without being inaccessible or intimidating. As furniture like these have high-backs, their noise only rarely travels, making it ideal for inner-office meetings in the centre of a collaborative zone.

Improving Your Office Acoustic Level, With Office Partitioning In London

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been designing unique offices for a range of businesses for many years. Our office partitioning in London services work to reduce noise levels and create a more productive working environment, which can help your employees operate at their peak efficiency in any kind of working environment.

For more information on our wide range of services, get in touch with our professional and friendly team today on 0118 979 6600, or email us directly at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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