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The skilled team of office fitters at Oaktree Interiors have recently won the office design contract for Global One Media! If you are interested in office design in Surrey, office refurbishment or any of our numerous office services, please give our friendly and dedicated team a call on 0345 2186955.

Who Are Global One Media

Global One Media are an in-flight entertainment content service provider. They work with clients to manage the hardware, software and content. They invest in new tech, providing clients with powerful audio/visual/software content that gives airline passengers a user friendly platform for in-flight entertainment.

The Office Design Project

For Global One Media's office design in Surrey, they needed office space that represented their brand. This space needed to embrace technology, media and aviation. It needed client facing areas and a viewing room for clients. The office space also needed a secure edit suite and a comms room. Additionally the client wanted a communal breakout area for social cohesion.

In order to achieve these aims, we created a proposed layout for their new office.

The Layout Proposal

In the layout proposal we provided suggestions for each floor of the office:

  • The Ground Floor
    The ground floor will have the following.
    A coffee/vending point,
    An open plan office,
    An office space for one person,
    Archive storage.
  • The First Floor
    The first floor area will have the following.
    One executive office,
    A coffee/vending point,
    An open plan office,
    1400x800mm desks,
    A cinema,
    A meeting room.
  • The Second Floor
    The second floor area will have the following.
    A two person office,
    A secure edit suite for five people,
    A server room,
    A breakout area with feature screens

In addition to providing the client with proposed layouts we also presented them with some concept visuals so that the client could get a feel for their future office space.

To match the office interiors with their branding we decided that the colours should be blue combined with warmer orange tones. This mixed with the imagery of aviation, travel and technology alongside sleek and modern lighting will create a stylish and on-brand office.

What Are The Benefits Of Office Design In Surrey?

Surrey is a beautiful area with fantastic transport links with easy access to major road routes and frequent rail services into London. It is also close to two major English airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.

Thanks to these incredible transport links and being in such a prime location, Surrey is a fantastic location for your office. However, if you decide on Surrey as a location for your new office, it is very important that you choose a team of office fitters in Surrey that have lots of local experience and lots of industry knowledge; such as Oaktree Interiors.

Why Should You Choose A Professional Office Interior Service From Oaktree Interiors?

There are numerous advantages to a professional office design in Surrey service from Oaktree Interiors. You can take advantage of our wealth of office design and space planning experience. Oaktree Interiors has nearly 30 years of industry experience!

Over our many years of experience we have provided office interior services and space planning solutions to many different businesses in a variety of different fields. Our services are skilfully carried out by dedicated professionals; one previous customer wrote the following on our testimonials page,

“We have been impressed by Oaktree's commitment to our project."

If you're interested in office design in Surrey and would like to enquire about our services, you can expect two key things.

  • An Office Design Proposal; Specifically Created For Your Business. At Oaktree Interiors, we don't have a 'house style'. This means that each proposal is created specifically for your business, to meet the needs of your business.

With professional office design in Surrey from Oaktree Interiors, you will receive a cost effective, stylish, functional and eco-friendly office interior solution

  • Business That Understands Your Key Objectives. We don't just follow the latest office trends. Instead we take time to learn about your business. We work hard to understand what motivates you, we take time to understand your key objectives; we learn about your company culture and learn about your company's values and ethos.

With this knowledge, we can design an office space that not only works for your business now, but with the added insight gained from understanding your business and your business’s goals; we will design an office space that works for your future.

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If you would like to ask our team any questions regarding professional office design in Surrey and the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and dedicated team will be able to assist you with your enquiry by providing you with additional information regarding office design and our team of office fitters in Surrey.

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