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What Are The Best Colours To Use In Your Office?

If you are looking for office refurbishment services Oaktree Interiors have the knowledge and expertise to create a practical, stylish and functional workplace for you.While there are several elements that need to be considered when it comes to refurbishment, colour is a very important aspect.There is no hard and fast science that says that everyone reacts to colours in a similar manner.However, colours tend to provoke certain emotions, moods and feelings.There is something very real about the psychology of colour even though it tends to differ from person to person.

Because of this impact, it is always wise to choose the right colour for your workplace.Colours are mainly divided into warm and cool colours.Reds, yellows, and shades of orange are warm colours and tend to stimulate and excite, while blues, greens and purples are cool colours and have a relaxing and calming effect.In general, warm colours tend to work well in places with a lot of activity and interaction and cool colours are suited to areas aiming to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere.However, while blue tends to be a colour associated with relaxation, not all hues of blue are ideal.This is because dark blue was found to trigger depression and cool blues made the place feel chilly.While the colour yellow can evoke pleasant emotions, its use should be minimised, because it can make employees feel angry and frustrated.Colour psychology does vary like human psychology, and if you are planning for an office refurbishment then research is a must before settling on your final colour scheme.

Some Tips From Oaktree Interiors To Help You Choose The Right Colour Scheme

Some basic guidelines can help you choose the appropriate colour for your office if you have plans for office refurbishment.Firstly, consider your objectives for the place and the effect your choice of colours will have on your employees, clients and business.Once you have done this, test a colour before you commit, consider combinations and then experiment with different tones to achieve the desired effect.So, get experimenting and see what works best!

Colour Schemes From Oaktree Interiors

Oaktree Interiors will first discuss the goals and requirements of your business.Based on this we will use a pleasant and tasteful combination of colours to keep your employees happy, satisfied and productive.Our office planners will work closely with you to create an office space that will reflect your business and perfectly blend with the features and the furniture of your office.We will create colour schemes that will offer a balance professionalism, comfort and functionality.

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