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With more than 30 years of experience in office refurbishment, Oaktree are one of the most proficient office design companies in the country. With an already stunning portfolio of projects, their next project will function as another impressive and significant addition to their folder.

It has been announced that Oaktree's next project will involve building new foreign exchange locations for Travelex in London Heathrow terminals 3, 4 & 5. As with previous Travelex foreign exchange locations, customers should expect to be able to exchange foreign money, check exchange rates and pick up a pre-arranged currency, to mention just a few. The biggest changes that we can expect to see will be in Oaktree's design contribution.

What Will The Office Design Project Entail?

Designing for an airport demands a separate set of requirements from those needed in other office spaces. For this project, all of Oaktree's in-house skill sets will be tested as they ensure that the design template and safety measures set by HAL (Heathrow Airport Limited) are met. For instance, their design is expected to comply with the Class O spread of flame, while the material used will be required to withstand the natural wear and tear that public areas are subjected to.

While adhering to safety precautions, Oaktree will also bring their strong aesthetic skills to the design– an asset that they take pride in. They are aiming to create a 'new look and feel' to the locations, in the hope of enhancing customer experience. Another factor that Oaktree is striving to keep in mind is their focus on employee comfort (without sacrificing the high level of accomplishment in design that they are known for).

Office Design for Travelex - Oaktree Interiors

An office design speaks volumes about a company. It can be used to grow an already established reputation in a select field, or to refine a unique approach to a business. Office designers are required to adapt to the needs of any environment, and Oaktree have the experience to do so. In a foreign exchange location in an airport, safety and functionality are paramount. The design team have recognised the requirements for the project, and have shown that they are fully equipped to design a safe, functional and professional looking retail area for these busy and well known terminals. The project is scheduled to take approximately five months to complete.

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For more enquiries on office design or interior designs you can contact hello@oaktreeoffice.com or call their Head Office 0845 474 3556.

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