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Office Fit Out For Internet Watch

Oaktree Create New Office Fit Out For Internet Watch Foundation

Office Fit Out For Internet Watch FoundationWe have been given the job of designing and building a new office fit out for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) who are moving from their current base in Cambridge to a new site within the city.

The IWF are an organisation who were set up back in 1996 at the beginnings of the internet, and was established to give the public and IT professionals a way to report criminal online content such as child abuse images, in a secure and confidential way. The charity works in partnership with the online industry, law enforcement, government and international partners.

Recent action from the government has seen the group given a more pro-active role in tackling abuse as they are now partnered with all the UK's major ISP's and search engine providers, such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter. This has given them more of a reach and better co-operation when investigating and fighting internet problems.

This development has led to the company needing a larger office space to accommodate their workers. In June 2013 Oaktree Interiors originally made contact with them and discovered that the company were just about to search for new, larger office space in Cambridge.

In Sept 2013 IWF found a new potential new space at Cambridge Science Park and engaged with us in order to get some budgetary costs and plans for their new office fit out. Unfortunately this building fell through a few weeks later and a new search had to commence. Then in November 2013 another location within the science park was found, which had tenants who were beginning their plans to move to a new development elsewhere in Cambridge.

After some discussions with the other client, they also decided to choose us for their office fit out from a short list of five companies. This allowed us to work closely with both companies and their landlords and agents to produce detailed plans and specifications on a very short timescale to ensure we reached the tight deadlines both companies were working towards.

The new project also required detailed plans to ensure full BREEAM compliance, but frustratingly the current tenants building fell through at the eleventh hour, leaving the IWF unsure of what they could do next.

Luckily a third building was indentified in March 2014 at Vision Park, although this new building required a substantially larger fit-out than the previous office. This meant we had to work quickly to produce new plans and specifications in just two weeks, allowing the other companies lease to finish.

When the IWF project is complete, their office will include three large meeting rooms, a games room and the kitchen on the ground floor, with the upstairs fitted out with a large workspace area and a place for conferences to take place. Our teams have been on-site since early May working on a fast track build programme of just 4 weeks, before IWF reach the end of their current lease.

Office Fit Out For Internet Watch

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