leadforensics Oaktree Interiors Undertaking Office Design For London Based Fashion Company

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are pleased to announce that we have been successfully appointed to carry out the complete office design in London project for Steilmann UK's new London office. We are extremely excited to make the most of this opportunity, particularly for such a well-established company as Steilmann.

Who Are Steilmann?

Klaus Steilmann GmbH & Co.KG are a company with an extremely long tradition of excellence. Founded in Germany, in 1958, this small company grew from humble origins into one of the premier fashion brands in the world.

Steilmann designs are always created with complete care and consideration, and their design teams absolutely love what they do – a passion which is reflected in every piece of clothing that they create. Curiosity is a major part of Steilmann's fashion process, and they are constantly searching the entire world for the latest trends. Heavily inspired by the major fashion capitals of the world, Steilmann is a brand which combines practicality with the latest fashions.

The entire company operates along the same brand ethos, ensuring that high-quality products are designed and manufactured using only the very best materials, before being implemented into the complete range.

They aren't shy about proclaiming their goal either; Steilmann is a team with one direct aim – to make you look and feel wonderful.

Steilmann UK's Brand New Office Design

Steilmann UK made the decision to move to a completely new building and office suite, in order to facilitate their international growth and ensure that they can continue to operate with the same passion and drive which has guided them since 1958.

The new premises are located on the first floor of Jordan House, Brunswick Place, London, situated close to Old Street and the famous Hoxton Square. The entire building is to be refurbished, with the goal of turning it into a series of bright office spaces with comfort cooling.

Steilmann's office floor is open-plan and self-contained, and has the advantage of on-site car parking and loading facilities. Ensuring that their current workforce of 17+ has the opportunity to grow and evolve was important, and so we have included completely new offices in our designs without sacrificing the communal atmosphere of the open-plan, collaborative space itself. It was also important that the office suite had the latest in practical equipment as well, so we ensured that dedicated fabric & garment rooms were included as well, and undertook a complete electrical and mechanical overhaul to ensure that the space could meet the demands of a dynamic business.

Aside from these main working areas, we also included two separate showrooms, a spacious store room and a dedicated visitors' area. It was also important that the office space is fashionable and up to date, to fit in with the identity of the brand, and so we have included a mixture of new and pre-existing furniture to create a stylish, memorable and unique working area for a stylish, memorable and unique brand.

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