leadforensics Oaktree Interiors To Refurbish 77Agency Offices In London

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are proud of our reputation as one of the UKs leading providers of office refurbishment in London. We have worked with an incredible range of businesses, from a wide variety of industries, and this has given us an industry expertise which is matched by few others in the world, let alone the UK.

We are extremely excited to have been awarded the job of refurbishing 77Agencys London office.

Who Are 77Agency?

77Agency are a new-media marketing agency, with offices in hotspots across the world including Milan, Riga, Amsterdam, Madrid, New York and Sydney. They help their clients to make the most of the exciting world of online retail through the very latest digital channels. Through industry-knowledge and carefully measuring of results, 77Agency works to minimise the investment risk of their clients.

77 believe that modern and future-technology is the source of added-value in the provision of digital marketing solutions, and has invested in a variety of proprietary solutions, which includes 77Tool, 77Tracking, Social Ads Tool and AllIn1Social.

With more than 100 employees across the world, it was essential that the office space in London was optimised for both the companys brand identity and to ensure complete employee productivity.

77Agencys Office Refurbishment In London

For this project, we re-designed the entire office layout using the very latest in modern office interior design techniques and carried out a refurbishment program for their entire office space. It was important, to us, that we ensured that our design completely reflected both the personal image and brand identity of the company.

Although they were founded in 2003, 77Agency still maintains a young and energetic atmosphere, without sacrificing professionalism, and this was one of the driving forces behind our refurbishment designs. Each and every colour used in the office design was done so to create a fresh and invigorating environment that would encourage high levels of creativity and productivity.

Our office refurbishment in London has been designed to appeal to both employees and visitors, ensuring a positive office culture and presenting a professional and specialist personality to their visitors.

This single office now provides space for 36 full-time employees, with ample room to grow and develop as the company itself continues to evolve.

Industry-Leading Office Refurbishment In London, From Oaktree Interiors

If you're looking for dedicated and specialised office refurbishment in London, then you need to look no further than Oaktree Interiors. When you choose Oaktree's diverse range of office interior fit-out and refurbishment services, you can be certain that you are choosing to work with the very best and most creative designers in the country.

Our team works to present your business' brand identity, optimise space and increase the positivity of your office culture. For more information, get in touch with Oaktree Interiors today on 0118 979 66000118 979 6600, or email our team directly at hallo@oaktreeoffice.com!

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