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Oaktree Interiors are one of the UK's leading interior fit out companies, designing and building innovative offices which work around your business and its employees. One of our recent projects towards the end of 2014 has been a new office fit out for GKN Land Systems in their new facility at Pentagon South, Abingdon.

New Office Fit Out For GKN Land Systems

The company specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying products and services for the Agritechnical, Construction, Mining and Utility vehicle markets. This essentially means providing mechanical parts for large vehicles such as lorries, tractors and armoured vehicles.

After recently acquiring “Hybrid Power" from Williams F1, GKN Land Systems approached a few interior fit out companies before choosing us to design and build their new office interiors which would meet their requirements for the future, including room for further expansion and their inclusion of their own electrical sub-station.

Their building is on two stories with 16,000 sq. ft. of space to use. The works for the office fit out comprised standard elements including new partitions to divide the area, new floors and ceilings as well as a complete makeover of the interior colours and aesthetics.

Oaktree also conducted a complete overhaul of their mechanical and electrical systems to ensure they are fully up-to-date. One special requirement for the company was to include a 1000KVA power supply including a new sub-station. This specialist area of work meant we had to liaise with the landlord and SSE (Mains Electrical Utilities Company) to provide specialist structural floor strengthening which is being worked into the designs on the ground floor.

The new layout for the office includes a large working area featuring clusters of desks, with four private office rooms at the back. A large conference room and three smaller meeting rooms were included to give the company plenty of space for different projects happening in the company. Finally behind their sub-station is a large break-out area which includes a kitchen and places for their workers to relax.

The project is set to last for around 19 weeks and has cost the company £1 million. This investment will give them a great base in which to continue growing through 2015 and beyond.

Oaktree Interiors Complete New Office Fit Out For GKN

Oaktree Interiors Complete New Office Fit Out For GKN

Oaktree Interiors Complete New Office Fit Out For GKN

Oaktree Interiors Complete New Office Fit Out For GKN

Oaktree – One Of The UK's Leading Interior Fit Out Companies

At Oaktree we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to producing office fit outs which reflect the dynamic of a company and meet their exact requirements. Other interior fit out companies will often outsource some of the project such as work on data or electrical systems, but at Oaktree we have our very own teams for these tasks meaning we direct and monitor everything carefully to ensure the whole project goes smoothly.

To see how we can help your business and employees create a new office fit out which improves productivity and creates inspiration, then get in contact with us by emailing hello@oaktreeoffice.com or calling 0845 474 3556, where you can speak to one of our expert advisors.

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