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The traditional office has always been designed and built to suit the work of the business and is usually fitted out to assist employees with their job. Although this is still the case for most companies, the shifting dynamic of how we work has had a knock on effect which is changing our workspaces, making them open and less formal – with less rows of desks and more areas for discussion and collaboration between employees. This leaves one question, is the workplace of the future a place that is less orientated towards work?

The Changing Dynamic Of Office Interiors In London

Many believe this is the case and have noticed the positive impact which these new types of workplaces are having. This development can be partly traced back to the emergence of the super tech companies like Facebook and Google, who were the first to highlight how different they like to do things.

Their office interiors in London and around the world are designed to be fun and inspirational places to work, as they are often fighting their competition to attract the best young talent. As new generations of young people begin finding their way into careers, their expectations of how their office will look and work has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades.

Because of these changes the model for future office design is developing considerably. One which has been created by global architectural company VOA Associates is called Work4Tank, which focuses on creating three zones of space within a new office environment – event, meet and work.

The recognition that the office of the future would have three zones with just one specifically designed around traditional work activities, highlights the point that office space is not just for work anymore. VOA's office design dedicates 30% of the space to a large open area that integrates the reception, kitchen, communal tables and high-top counters with stools.

Although a conference room is still included, this design model leaves the possibility to conduct meetings in a variety of different places, depending on how formal it should be. The intended approach of this type of layout is to allow the different areas of the company to work individually or in a group on different tasks all within one central location.

Whether these types of changes will be used in more office interiors in London and around the world still remains to be seen. With the old regimented layout of standard rows of desks starting to fade away, nobody can be sure what our office interiors will look like in years to come.

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