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Slough is a thriving business town in the heart of Berkshire. Over 4000 companies are currently located there with an annual turnover of £7.5 billion making it the third most productive town in the UK. The months of 2015 up to March saw the highest number of business start-ups in Berkshire. With Heathrow and London at a short 20 minutes away, this makes it an ideal place to set up a company, which would potentially require a new office design in Slough.

We have over 30 years of experience designing offices in the Slough area for a whole host of different companies. We are passionate about providing the best possible solution for you that is both functional and stylish.

Our Expertise In Designing Offices

We believe in a straight forward approach to design. Our in-house design team are able to look at your office space and assess your needs. We can then put together a design plan that will help make the most of your space. Our dedicated team have many years of skills and experience which they have applied to a number of businesses in the Slough area. Our knowledge and understanding of the area helps us to provide the best possible service.

We know that some people often have a clear idea of how they would like their office to look and we are more than happy to let them take the lead. Only stepping in with ideas if we feel they could further enhance their own vision.

National Foundation For Educational Research (NFER) Office Refurbishment In Slough, Berkshire

We recently finished some work for the NFER at their headquarters in Upton Park, Slough. They were looking for some minor refurbishment work to be completed to bring their offices up to date.

The NFER are the UK's leading provider of research, assessment and information services to education, training and children's services. Their clients comes from a wide range of businesses including from UK government departments and agencies. The diverse nature of their clients meant their offices in Slough needed to be modern and stylish and, at the same time, somewhere that the staff could maximise their productivity.

After an initial consultation with them, we crafted a new facilities office and soundproofed a number of internal meeting areas to create more privacy for their staff. We also wanted to give their workspace a more modern look by creating a singular colour scheme and pattern design.

A number of other minor or miscellaneous works were also completed. The outcome was a more harmonious environment that the staff could enjoy working in.

Designing Offices In Slough

We always ensure that before we start any work that we are complying with any building regulations. We work closely with the Slough Borough Council when any plans may conflict with their guidelines. Minor works may not be covered by any regulations allowing us complete control on what we design.

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Slough has seen a 25% increase in businesses setting up their offices in the town during 2015. The Heart of Slough is a regeneration project aimed at producing an entirely new commercial district. 70,000 sqm of office space is being created next to the new Crossrail station. The significant confidence in Slough as a business location is likely to mean even further investment in the coming years.

As part of the Crossrail program, a number of improvements are being carried out on Slough train station. The creation of four Elizabeth line trains by 2019 being the most significant change. This will enable passengers to travel through central London without changing trains which will only serve to help increase the appeal to people looking to commute to Slough for work.

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