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At Oaktree we provide tailored office interiors in Reading, across London and all around the UK for companies who want to make the most of their office space.

New reports are emerging which have looked in depth at the importance of having a good office for employees to work in and the difference it can make by making effective changes. These include a variety of elements including space and privacy, along with the layout of the office around them.

Poorly Designed Offices Are Counter-Productive

Extensive international research from Ipsos and the Workspace Futures Team of Steelcase has shown that 85% of people are dissatisfied with their working environment and can't concentrate. Of those surveyed 95% said working privately was important to them, but only 41% said they could do so, and 31% had to leave the office to get work completed.

The surveys collected data from over 10,000 workers from 14 different countries and compiled them together to get much broader data regarding the subject over anything which has been done before. It found that office workers lose an average of 86 minutes a day due to distractions, and that offices which are too open-planned cause the most issues.

Open-plan offices are great for sparking conversations and thinking of ideas, but an area which allows people to work privately is also important. Research found that 70% of people working in open-plan spaces or a mix of open-plan and individual work spaces said their main complaint was a lack of privacy.

“Over the years we have seen office preferences shift from more enclosed spaces to more open. But in some organisations the pendulum has swung too far," said Bostjan Ljubic, vice president of Steelcase UK and Ireland.

“Many people do not realise that effective collaboration actually requires individual private time. Many offices have limited options such as individual workstations, private offices, conference rooms and a cafe."

Factors inside the office also are important, as well as the layout. For example poor air quality lowers performance by up to 10% on measures such as typing speed and units output, and short term sick leave has also been 35% lower in offices ventilated with greater supply rates of outdoor air. Other important elements include lighting, windows and temperature control and have an influence on concentration and ultimately productivity.

“Some people find it inspiring and creative to work in a crowded, noisy environment whereas others prefer quieter spaces and quite often they want a mix of both. The workplace needs to offer a variety of public and private spaces - for We and I work."

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How Can You Transform The Office Interiors At Your Reading Office?

Oaktree are experts in providing complete office interiors in Reading and around the UK. They can work with you to create a solution that will expand your current office environment and include all the important features you need for the future of your business. Their experienced team handle every stage of the project from the first designs to the finished result.

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