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For years many have been searching for ways to attract Millennials to their businesses. They have been searching for ways to change their office design and office interiors in London in order to create a working environment that appeals to Millennials. However, with Generation Z entering the workplace, how can you attract this new generation to your business without excluding the older generations?

What Are Millennials And Gen Z?

Many often confuse these two generations together. However, each generation does have some distinct traits.

Millennials(1980 – 1995)

Millennials are known by many as a tech-savvy generation. They are also known as a generation that values knowledge and experience. They are often thought of as a generation that looks to role models in order to learn from somebody else's experience. As such, it is believed that they can benefit greatly in collaborative environments.

Gen Z (1996-2010)

Members of Generation Z are often referred to as digital natives; this generation is also known for their hardworking attitude. Perhaps as a result of growing up during the recession, they have learned the importance of hard work and perseverance.

What Do They Want In The Workplace?

Whilst people are indeed unique, it has is believed that Millennials are interested in a workplace that feels safe and provides them with a sense of belonging. Many people consider Millennials to be great team players; thriving in collaborative environments where people share ideas and work together to complete a task.

However, with regards to Gen Z, it is believed that they thrive on a stable environment that provides them with the opportunity for success.

Millennials Vs Gen Z, What Do They Want In An Office?

Many businesses have a lot of Millennials in the workspace, but with the youngest members of Generation Z being born in 1996, it's likely that if none has yet entered your workplace, some may soon. So how can you create an officethat caters to both generations? How can you please one generation withoutalienating another? Here are 4 tips to give you a helping hand.

  • Incorporate Technology Into The Workplace
    One trait that is shared by both Millennials and the younger Gen Zs is their skill with technology. Numerous different forms of technology can be integrated into a workspace in order to provide seamless transition between devices.
  • Carefully Consider Both Open Plan & Private Offices
    Whilst Millennials are believed to prefer collaboration and team efforts, some suggest that Gen Zs prefer privacy to work on tasks alone. Do you opt for open plan working environments or private office spaces? Some may feel like it's an either or decision, however there are ways that you can create an open office environment and still offer private working spaces.
    Perhaps you could use partitioning walls in order to give employees their own space of privacy within an open plan office. Or instead of having a hotdesk environment where everyone shares the office space, you could have an open plan office, with small partitions for privacy and give everyone their own desk. This allows for easy collaboration, but also provides employees with a space that is their own, a space they can customise to best suit their ideal working conditions.
  • Offer Flexible Working
    Many businesses consider promoting flexible working in the office and there are numerous advantages to providing flexible working options for both Millennials and Gen Zs.
    Both generations could benefit from flexible working hours. Flexible working isn't just great for parents who want to tailor their working hours; a flexible working schedule is a fantastic opportunity for many people. It could allow them to reduce their commute time, reduce fuel costs and it allows them to work when they feel best prepared to complete the task.
  • Think About Your Use Of Colour
    Colour is very important in an office and it is not merely limited to a single generation. So whilst you are a rejuvenating your office space, carefully consider the use of colour.
    If you would like to learn more information with regards to the use of colour in your office and what effect it may have on your working environment, you can read our blog, How Important Are The Colours In Your Office?

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