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One of the more common themes of our work as office fitters is designing workplaces that need to combine comfort and functionality in order for the employees of our clients to be able to work at their best. Comfort and functionality is obviously vital in any modern workplace – without it, employees would feel ill at ease, unfocused – they may perhaps even experience pain. As a result, they'll be left in an uncomfortable position in which to perform their duties to any decent standard and will more-than-likely lead to them taking up absences to recover. More long-term issues may also see them leave their roles altogether.

It's because of these potential negative effects that businesses take steps to address these issues before they arise – organising their furniture set-ups so that they can be a useful aid to their employees, rather than a hindrance.

Why Office Fitters Stress The Need To Introduce Ergonomic Office Furniture.

The key thing to remember about the furniture you use and the people who use them – is that everyone has different requirements. Ergonomic furniture are items that can be adjusted and shaped to meet the needs of whoever usesit – providing them with the perfect opportunity to create a set-up that suits them. A one-size-fits-all approach would require many people to sit uncomfortably and to readjust their position in order to meet theneeds of the furniture –should that be working the other way round? Ergonomic furniture eliminates the time wasted when someone has to readjust their position and instead, helps them to fully concentrate on the work they're producing; virtually becoming one with the furniture and the task in hand.

Then, of course, there are the injury issues that can be caused by inadaptable furniture – from back and neck injuries as a result of inadequate seating, as well as RSI symptoms made worse by unmoveable desks. Such conditions won't just cause employees to slow down feel distracted and uncomfortable, it will also see them take the aforementioned days off and consider their positions if they cannot work comfortably.

This is why by introducing ergonomic furniture now, you'll save a large amount of time that would be better placed into any on-going projects. Employees not being present will lead to work not being created – forcing you to cut back on the volume of work you need to produce. Time, of course, is money – something that can be saved too by introducing ergonomic furniture to give staff the best environment possible in which to flourish.

Tips On Looking After Your Ergonomic Furniture.

Of course, once you've got your ergonomic furniture in place – it will need to be looked after. Here are our tips on getting the best out of your furniture:

  • The Importance of Regular Cleaning . Ensuring that the office is clean isn't just about health and safety; it's also done to ensure that equipment and furniture doesn't break down. Something as simple as a dusting every week will help to rid any dust and debris from your furniture, preventing it from building up andaffecting its operation. Liaising with professionaloffice fitters on how to maintain your office furniture would also be a great idea.
  • Taking Preventative Measures . A few general rules and best practice demonstrations can help to prolong the life of your furniture and save the company thousands in replacing it. By understanding why furniture tends to break down, can we understand how to form measures to prevent it from happening – it's ultimately this that will help you to keep your furniture in a great condition, for longer.
  • Being Aware of Lighting and Weather Effects . Placing furniture close to windows can see them suffer from light damage – as harmful UV rays can affect the look of the surfaces, making them fade and/or crack. The same goes for the indoor lighting – especially if it's fluorescent; consider alternative options, such as LED (which also provide much-improved illumination). For the outside light, consider installing blinds or curtains to block all/most of the light from entering.

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