leadforensics Lighting In Office Interiors Can Affect Overall Health

The productiveness of your work force is the key to how successful your business is. For employees to be able to produce their best work, their well being is extremely important. They need to enjoy working for the company for job satisfaction, but most of all a healthy employee is a better one. Office interiors have a big influence on the overall health of those working in your office.

How Can Office Interiors Affect The Health Of Employees?

Office workers need areas where they can walk and sit comfortably as an alternative to sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer screen. Allowing your employees to stay active during the day will ensure they stay healthy and be more productive during the day. However, studies have shown lighting in office interiors has a major effect on the health of workers.

A lack of natural light in the daytime not only affects employees during the day, but also the length and quality of their sleep. This results in lower productivity and worse general health. Studies have shown workers who work in an office with windows will on average benefit from 46 minutes more sleep each night compared to employees who don't. Workers with less exposure to light will also experience more physical problems and become less active, which will also affect the quality of work.

Oaktree Interiors make sure your office is planned and designed with every detail in mind to ensure you are left with the best possible office for your business and employees. From lighting and seat positioning, to the colour selection, every detail will count toward the productiveness of your work force.

Lighting In Office Interiors Can Affect Overall Health

How Can You Ensure a Healthier Office Interior?

New trends in office design show offices are becoming more and more informal with an emphasis on space to allow workers to be more active. For employees to benefit from greater exposure to natural light not only does there need to be enough windows, but positioning is also important. Researchers say the solution could be to simply position workers within 20-25 feet of a wall containing a window. Oaktree will design office interiors which cater for the needs of you and your employees, ensuring you get an office which will improve the productivity and health for workers. You can be sure every stage of the project is in safe hands with Oaktree because they are involved in the planning, designing and building of your new office space.

Improve The Well Being Of Your Employees With Oaktree Interiors

At Oaktree Interiors we have a highly qualified team with over 30 years of experience in the design and refurbishment of office interiors. You can trust Oaktree to plan and design an office space which reflects the goals of your business while inspiring your workers in a comfortable environment. At Oaktree we will design an office to improve the health and productivity of your employees and make your business attractive to new workers.

To get the office interior you want for a better workplace, call Oaktree Interiors today on 0845 474 3556 or e-mail help@oaktreeoffice.com

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