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In the never ending war for talent, the most intelligent companies understand that the office space is one of the most important weapons in their arsenal. Not only can it work as part of their recruiting strategy, but it can also do its bit to amplify the workplace's culture.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to office design in London is the needs of your employees. Understanding what your employees need to make them happy is the first step to using your office as a recruitment weapon, and it can be essential if you're looking to retain the great talent that you have at your disposal.

How Can I Use My Office To Keep My Employees Happy?

  1. Remember To Consider The Most Basic Needs – Whilst you'd have to struggle to find an office in London, or anywhere in the UK, that doesn't meet their employee's most basic requirement for air, water and shelter, companies still rarely consider that providing food for their employees can be an effective means of encouraging loyalty. Some executives will certainly say that the daily cost of lunches or breakfasts outweigh the benefits that the company receives, but this shows a narrow-minded, almost pedantic approach to management. Keeping your employee's minds off of their hunger pains will improve their attitude and productivity, whilst feeding them will also show that you are invested in their physical wellbeing. Remember, too, that your employees will often connect over their lunch and in the office kitchen. The space should reflect that of a welcoming host – minor addition, like a longer bench and comfortable couches will further enhance the theme and encourage employees to spend their time in the breakout space that you have provided. Even SMEs can take steps to keep their employees full, with moves like stocking their kitchen with fresh fruit or cereal bars. It has been said that a full employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is an investment.
  2. Listen To Your Peers – Whilst many companies are aware that they need to keep up with their competitors in terms of products and services, there are few companies who realise that they need to adopt the same competitive edge with regards to office design in London. By creating a community amongst your employees, you'll find that they are more likely to feel that inherent sense of belonging that tends to give companies the competitive edge. Next time you listen to an executive from a leading business talk, you'll more than likely hear them refer to their employees and peers as their family. In fact, a genuine social network within the office itself is a real safeguard against employee turnover. Even if your employees aren't loyal to your business, they are likely to be loyal to their co-workers.
  3. Allow The Pursuit Of Happiness – If you're familiar with Abraham Maslow's 1950 theory about the hierarchy of needs (and who isn't!), you'll know that self-actualisation is one of the key components to happiness. This is characterised by creativity, spontaneity and effective problem solving. The relevance of this in a business environment is that you need to ensure that you nurture your employee's ideas and desires. Establishing a framework in which your employees can work on their ideas and present them to an interested audience is essential to the development of modern business. It might be an unfortunate fact, but most of us will spend more time in the workplace than we will in our own homes (with the exception of sleeping) and understanding this time commitment is critical to creating an environment in which employees can thrive and connect.

Office Design In London To Keep Your Employees Content

If you're looking for an effective office design in London, which will reflect your brand identity to both your employees and your customers, you need to get in touch with Oaktree Interiors professional team today.

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