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With its eastern boundary situated barely 20 miles from Central London, it's easy to see why so many business operations have made the move from the increasingly expensive city, to the fast-growing business hub provided by towns such as Slough, Bracknell and Reading. Throughout the last decade, the growth has been so exponential that it has lead to many industry insiders to dub the county as 'the UK's answer to Silicon Valley' – the nickname for the world-famous technological business community located in the western United States.

In this blog, we'll be looking at why Berkshire is growing – and how office refurbishment in Berkshire can help to produce high-quality work, attract new clients and keep talented employees as part of the business.

A Closer Look At The Business Growth In Berkshire.

As arguably the world's financial centre, London is always going to be an attractive but expensive place to run a business – especially one that is relatively small and has to battle for each and every contract. Be it office rent, business rates, even employee wages, the sheer capital needed to operate in the world's financial capital is extremely costly and for many, simply unsustainable in the long-term.

Berkshire, on the other hand, can offer businesses a 'clean slate' from which to operate – dedicated business hubs have opened up around the county and are able to offer varying sizes of office buildings for very affordable rates. Being able to possess vast, spacious premises has given businesses the opportunity to fully customise their office refurbishment in Berkshire, making their workplaces abide by their branding ideals and functionally needs – something that due to differing building regulations, isn't always possible in London.

Being present in such 'business hub' locations will also allow for different businesses to work together, to build up working relationships as they provide their services to each other to improve a certain aspect of their operations. This sort of community isn't something that is readily available in London and many businesses there seemingly don't benefit from the help and assistance that those in Berkshire can get, literally just across the road.

It goes without saying that Berkshire's location plays a major part in its attractiveness to businesses and employees. With the Crossrail service currently under construction (with a 2018/19 completion date planned), it's expected that the amount of people and businesses who plan on commuting to Berkshire, will significantly rise. This means that not only can Berkshire attract businesses and talents to take up residence in its towns but it can also attract daily commuters from London – with its larger capacity, modern trains, Crossrail will take less than 30 minutes to reach Slough, from London. Less than a bus or Tube ride for many in the city.

How Can A Relocation To Berkshire Help My Business?

To provide an insight into the attraction of the area, in 2016 industry insiders Tech City analysed the technological industry in Reading and Bracknell and found some intriguing statistics, which are:

  • The turnover of technological businesses in Reading and Bracknell was £10bn.
  • In the two towns, there are approximately 44,000 employees working in the industry.
  • The average pay is £51,576pa.
  • Sales-per-worker has been calculated to be £196,888.

From these figures, it's easy to see how much Berkshire has grown from being an 'overspill' area for former London residents; it can now genuinely compete with the big city for business. This is something that many modern, forward-thinking operations understand and are putting into practice. As time goes on (and living in an uncertain financial time as we do, with things like Brexit yet to transpire) it's only conceivable that this affordable and thriving area will continue to grow. Getting in now will doubtless make for great future growth for your business.

I'm Already Operating In The Area, Tell Me More About Office Refurbishment In Berkshire.

If you're already enjoying the benefits provided by the UK's very own Silicon Valley, then you also should understand just how it important it is to constantly be aware of the effects of the workplace environment. Not only can the atmosphere created help your employees to be inspired, happy and motivated (pushing them along to achieve great work) office interiors can help to impress clients and potential, talented employees alike, as it sets that professional, expert image. These reasons are exactly why many businesses have called on us to carry out their own bespoke office refurbishment in Berkshire. Here's why you should consider us too:

  • Vastly Experienced, Office Fitters. For over 30 years now we have been carrying out office refurbishments and relocations all over the South East and London itself. Throughout those years, our experience has helped us to attain a knowledge that sees us at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in the office design industry.
  • A Dedicated, Bespoke Service. In our home interiors, we want the place where we exist in to make us feel relaxed and inspired. We want them to be unique; showing off our styles and tastes. The same should go for the homes of business operations too. No part of our service is carried out without first attainting full approval and understanding from our clients. Our office designs are simply made to fit in with our clients' branding ideals and philosophies of how they want their home to function.
  • A Complete Service. Not only are we able to carry out an office refurbishment in Berkshire to improve your interiors, we are able to attain and install the perfect furniture and any equipment needed for your business to function. Our dedicated, bespoke service is completed by our support teams, such as our experienced electrical and mechanical engineers who can undertake the required work. What's more, our equally dedicated design team are able to work with you to find your ideal furniture that finds the balance between aesthetics, branding, functionality and of course, comfort.

Oaktree Interiors – A Comprehensive Office Fit Out Service In Berkshire.

Want to know more about how our service in office refurbishment in Berkshire works? Why not get in contact with us today? You can give one of our office fit out experts a call on 0845 474 3556 or you can send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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