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Is An Open Plan Office Design A Good Idea?

While an open plan office design allows for better communication, it also presents the issue of high noise levels, lack of privacy and plenty of digital and human distractions. Research has also shown that open office design is associated with greater employee stress, poorer co-worker relations and less satisfied employees. This calls for the need to construct open plan offices that will allow for interaction whilst offering a sufficient degree of privacy too.

Having a conference room is a great way to create a space for communication as well as privacy. These rooms are also essential for activities need to take place away from the noise of open plan sections, so good quality soundproofing for these areas is a good idea. Installing partitions can also help to keep noise at bay. When it comes to partitions, glass partitions work wonders for offering privacy without letting your employees feeling isolated. Incorporating partitions can help them concentrate and improve their productivity whilst staying stress free and comfortable. Having a range of office furniture available that employees can choose according to their personal preferences is another good solution to the privacy/visibility balance. For example, you could make soft walls available that can be placed at the end of desks, or additional filing spaces for personal work areas. These solutions allow employees a greater amount of privacy if they wish, whilst still giving them a degree of visibility in the office.

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