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Is An Open Plan Office Design A Good Idea?

While the open plan office allows for better communication, it is also distinguished by its high noise levels, lack of privacy and an abundance of digital and human distractions. Research also reveals that open office design can contribute to greater employee stress, poor co-worker relationships and less satisfied employees. This calls for the need to construct open plan offices that will allow for interaction whilst offering a decent degree of privacy too. Having a conference room can best serve the purpose for communication as well as privacy. Installing partitions is also a great way to keep noise at bay and welcome some privacy in. When it comes to partitions, glass partitions really work wonders when it comes to offering privacy without letting your employees feeling isolated. In an open plan office design employees feel like they are on constant display, which makes them nervous and unproductive. Incorporating partitions will help them concentrate and Improve productivity whilst staying stress free and comfortable. Computer screens that may constantly display sensitive data must not be positioned such that unauthorised people may readily see it. Also password protected screensavers must be used. All personal data in manual form must be left in view while relevant staff members are away from the desk. Everything should be locked away or at least covered.

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