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Far from the stuffy image of a corporate environment, with row upon row of cubicles stretching out into the distance (a stereotype which we hope no one has to work in anymore), many businesses prefer to use their premises as an advertising tool as much as an actual workplace.

Now, for most people, the office is rarely a great place to be. Even with the very best office refurbishment in Reading, some people just aren't happy in their workplace – they can feel uninspired, and worry that their creativity is being stifled rather than supported and cultivated.

For these types of employees, a weird workplace could be just the thing they need to really flourish and grow into their own as a productive member of a business!

The Advantages Of A Weird Workplace!

Simply put, for the employee, they have the advantage of working somewhere unique, special and that really stands out from the more generic offices in their local area. Many businesses have tried to create weird offices, but these normally manifest themselves as free food, pool tables, a gym and primary-coloured beanbags which can often be as obnoxious as inspiring.

A lot of businesses use their office environments as a form of advertising, to encourage employee retention and to attract extra attention to the work that they are doing; if you're looking for an example, just check out any of Google's offices! Weird workplaces are much better at this than just modern variations of older designs, and can attract attention from all over the world.

Look at it this way; they are noteworthy enough for us to have written a blog post about them!

The Weirdest Office Designs In The World!

  • TREExOFFICE – If you're passing by Hoxton Square, London, then you'll probably have noticed this office space before. TREExOFFICE is an “urban-treehouse-office" that is built on stilts around a tree. The pop-up office has eight workstations, with power points and reliable Wi-Fi available to rent individually.

    The architect, Kathryn Timmins, said that “it is made of compressed paper with see-through plastic and translucent polycarbonate" that makes the worker feel at one with nature. It is also environmentally-friendly, making it ideal for any workers who are conscious of their carbon footprint!

    Many of the space's users have said that they find it inspirational, and that it works as a wow factor, particularly when meeting new clients.
  • Law Of The Sea – New York attorney, John Lenoir, achieved fame earlier this year when he turned his personal yacht into a portable office, complete with view of the Manhattan skyline. With reliable internet, he can easily perform research and communicate with other lawyers.

    The only issue that he has had, to date, is the actual setting sail, which can often cause a little too much rocking and rolling, which can hamper his concentration. However, he doesn't let him put him off, and finds the inspiration of working whilst floating much more of a benefit than a distraction.
  • Village Underground – Sitting above a warehouse in Shoreditch, in the heart of London, Dan Davies finds that he gets more work done without constant distractions. His office is in a disused underground train, and he callously dismisses traditional office designs as “air-conditioned, veal-fattening booths".

    His office is just one of a series of refurbished carriages which were salvaged from a wreckage yard, and is part of a project to create an affordable working space for inner-city artists.

These weird office designs are great for inspiring creativity, and each one has had a real impact on the people who work there.

Office Refurbishment In Reading, From Oaktree Interiors!

Here at Oaktree, we believe that weird workplaces offer distinct advantages to employees and businesses of all kinds, but we understand that they aren't suitable for all businesses. There is often a degree of compromise when it comes to weird workplaces, often revolving around thermal or sound insulation, which can be a problem for many workers.

Whatever kind of office refurbishment in Reading you are looking for; our professional team are here to help you. For more information, please don't hesitate to call us today on 0845 474 3556; alternatively, if you have any specific questions regarding our office refurbishment in Reading, please email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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