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Only a few years ago all of the world's most crazy and outlandish office interiors were owned by the cutting-edge technology firms such as Facebook and Google. These companies use their unlimited cash and resources to design and build working environments which draw in the best talent around and keep them with their company. But now the positive effect of these forward-thinking office interiors has been noticed, with average businesses also investing in great design.

The Best Office Interiors Of 2014

The World's Craziest Office Interiors Of 2014

Every year the World Festival of Interiors gives out awards to innovate design, this year the jury have picked 13 offices which they think are the best of 2014.

  • Sahibinden.com – This 15 year old online tech company wanted to create something which stands out from the rest. Their office interior has a number of open spaces including a single running track running around one floor of the building.
  • Park & Associates – This company based in Singapore decided to make their rooms with a high contrast element, making one completely black and the other completely white.
  • Haptic Architects – This UK based architect company designed this Oslo office with organic curves which are meant to evoke a rugged Nordic landscape.
  • DonorsChoose.org – This company which gives people a way to donate money to specific areas or topics within public education, commissioned this headquarters which is designed to provide inspiration to its workers.
  • ASB North Wharf – This is the headquarters for a major New Zealand bank based in Auckland. The interior design features huge winding desks, crossing walkways and crazy seating areas to create a unique working environment.
  • Flamingo – This creative agency based in Shanghai has created an office interior which uses natural, low key tones and materials to produce a workspace which feels natural. It also features large windows on the ceiling to ensure the right light balance for the room.

The Best Office Interiors Of 2014

Bespoke Office Interiors From Oaktree

At Oaktree Interiors we have 30 years of experience and knowledge that makes us one of the leading office refurbishment companies having completed office interiors in London and across the UK. We've provided tailored solutions for both large and small companies, helping them create an office interior which has everything they need for the future success of their brand.

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