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Many people misunderstand the meaning of productivity, believing it to solely mean the volume of work that someone can get through in a day. In reality, the term is more complex than that – depending on your company's business, 'productivity' could also refer to the quality of the work produced. Ultimately, the word should refer to the output of your workforce – and finding the right balance between the volume of work produced and the quality of it, is the key for many businesses.

Productivity is precisely why many businesses put plenty of thought into their office interiors in Westminster. When we're at home, we only feel comfortable and content when the environment provided by the building allows us to be. The same should go for our workplaces – seeing as we spend most of our time in them, they should offer a level of comfort and inspiration that allow us to work without feeling uneasy and awkward. Feeling so, will only lower the rate of productivity and work to alienate talented, but frustrated, employees. This is why office design is so important in this modern age.

Office Interiors In Westminster: Improving Productivity.

As a vastly experienced office design company, we can relate to the need for businesses to improve their office interiors in Westminster, in order to raise productivity levels. So with that, here are some tips on improving office productivity:

  • Create An Environment That Encourages Teamwork and Interaction – As the cornerstone of most jobs, being able to function as part of a team is vitally important in getting the work done. Improving your office interiors in Westminster by creating an environment that helps people to be more collaborative as they share ideas and work together on projects will doubtless help productivity levels to rise. Whether you want to bestow an open office design or create breakout rooms for staff to have informal, fun meetings that will encourage ideas – there is plenty to improve with a new office design.
  • Encourage Feedback – The best resource for a business is those who make it a success; the employees. Understanding their working day and how it can be improved is a great way to put in place plans and ideas that will help the business to be a long-term success. Not only will encouraging feedback help to fix those small issues that may be harming productivity but feeling valued, talented employees are more likely to stay loyal to the company if they feel like they have an influence over their working day.
  • The Importance of Lighting – It can be something easily overlooked but lighting is one of the most vital factors in regards to setting an atmosphere. Many businesses don't understand that too much artificial light actually works negatively and provides an atmosphere that is dull and never-changing. By incorporating more natural light, an office can create a light source that not only will prove to be less distracting than bright, unnatural light but also help workers to relax and feel better about completing their work.
  • Create Time For Breaks – Over the years, more-and-more businesses are understanding that you can't just lock someone away in a cubicle for 8 hours a day and expect them to produce high-quality work on a constant basis. This is why the need to take a break, relax and take stock plays an important role in increasing the productivity of the modern-day workforce. Not only will they be returning to their desks refreshed and less tense but the time away from the workplace will have helped them to form new and interesting ideas away from the stressful work environment too.
  • Being Creative With Your Workplace Design – All of our office interiors in Westminster that we work on here at Oaktree Interiors are bespoke; made to fit our clients' ethos and branding. Providing a custom-made environment that sets out the image of the company won't just work to provide an inspiring environment for everyone who works there but as an extension of the business's advertising materials, it can set that impressive professional image to potential clients and employees too.
  • The Importance of Flexibility – Having spent over 3 decades designing and building many varying office interiors, we have seen trends change and adapt to the working needs of the day. A particular trend we've been incorporating in our office design work lately is the increasing need for modern business to provide a flexible environment for their workers. This can be put down to the increasing amounts of new wireless technology that no longer requires a person to sit at the same desk for 8 hours at a time. Picking up on this trend, many businesses have bestowed a flexible design on their offices, knowing that their workforce is one that is constantly on the move, as they attempt to find a personal, comfortable spot to undertake their work at.
  • Invest In Your Workforce – As we mentioned earlier, employees are a business's best asset. In order for them to grow, to improve their current abilities that will further help the company in the long-term, they will need to be looked after. This is why making an investment in them once in a while will help them to hone their abilities, as well as make them feel valued. This 'investment' can be something like creating new office interiors in Westminster, investing in new technologies or training courses/away days.

Get The Best Out Of Your Workplace, With Oaktree Interiors.

Looking to improve your office interiors in Westminster in order to get the most from your talented workforce? Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are able to undertake a high-quality office design, refurbishment and relocation service that will fill all your requirements and more. Working closely with our clients, we are able to create an office design that is bespoke – suiting their requirements.

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