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With the majority of our time being spent at work, the feelings that we experience during each working day will have an obvious effect on our mood and general wellbeing outside of work. This is why the vast majority of modern, forward-thinking businesses are investing in their office spaces; making them a comfortable environment to exist in for employees.

When it comes to office design in Reading, or in fact anywhere in the UK, the working styles of employees are constantly evolving – and so does what it means to have a good work-life balance. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have many years of experience in the office fit out industry, as we have designed bespoke workplaces that simply work for our clients, alongside and with them, instead of it dictating the environment and the mood experienced in work. By improving the interiors of an office, a business can improve productivity, offer tools for staff to better undergo their work and offer the firm itself, a bespoke branded office that will certainly impress any clients or potential, talented employees.

Achieving A Good Work-Life Balance In An Office Design In Reading.

When people think about what a work-life balance means, they will tend to think about the time they spend in work, balanced with the time they spend outside of work. This doesn't always provide a fluid balance – it simply works to provide two separate entities, namely one of constant work, the other being the free time they have outside of that constant work. With many workplaces not offering an inspiring environment or even the facilities for employees to be able to produce their best work, it's likely that much of that free time will be affected by the thinking about the return to work. This obviously isn't a healthy habit for the employee, or the business. Wouldn't improving that work environment, making it an inspiring place, helping everyone to feel comfortable and equipped, make sense?

This is why many modern businesses hone their office design in Reading, as well as offer 'perks' to help employees to take better control of their work-life balance, creating a better fluidity between the two. Some of these perks could simply include an upgrade in the tea and coffee facilities, better break facilities, even more flexible working hours to better treat issues that may arise outside of work. Whatever best suits the business and helps the employees to feel connected and grounded in their work, will always be a positive investment to make.

Tips On Improving An Office Fit Out.

Here, we're going to discuss how much of an impact an office design has on an employee's work-life balance and how it can be improved to eventually help the business to achieve its own targets:

  • Improving Comfort. As we spend most of our time at work, if the environment and the elements contained within it (such as seating and desks) are uncomfortable, old and not fit for purpose, then employees will feel uncomfortable. This unnerving feeling will then transfer into their life outside of work too. By introducing modern furniture, such as items that have been designed ergonomically, you can create an environment that is relaxing; no doubt improving the wellbeing and general happiness of the employees, both in and out of work.

    Another element of comfort that is often overlooked is the effects of natural lighting. Research has actually shown that its effects will help people to stay 'more alert' due to the constantly changing environment that the light is part of. Many a new office design in Reading are taking advantage of natural light by creating larger window installations and decorating offices in reflective colours, to increase the light's impact.
  • Create A More Harmonious Workplace. Natural light is just one of the many things you can introduce to help to create a comfortable existence for everyone – harmonising the rest of the workplace is the key to a great work-life balance. Cramped working conditions (or the feeling of) will only work to create a stressful feeling for the employee that they don't have enough personal space – which is vitally important for us all. Individual working areas can be harmonised with the environment around it by using smart arranging and customising desks with the tools needed for the employee to achieve certain tasks. Other aspects you can roll out include implementing uplifting colours in the surrounding decor, as well as introducing noise-reducing dividers – but at the same time not cutting off all communication with other employees.
  • Breakout Areas. Many of our office designs in Reading have been created with specific spaces given over for the creation of 'breakout areas'. Consisting of an enclosed area or sometimes a room, these spaces allow employees somewhere to take a break from the strains and stresses of work, have informal meetings or simply the opportunity to take their mind off things for a while. Breakout areas generally contain comfortable seating, tea/coffee facilities – some even have games areas and televisions.
  • Quiet Spaces. Sometimes we all just want to work in peace and quiet and in many offices, that just isn't possible for a number of reasons. Giving over a space in the office to create a designated 'quiet zone' will allow for those who need to get away from any noise, be it from phone calls, constant typing or chatting, to fully be able to concentrate on their work. Knowing this kind of area is available will further play into the regard that employees will have for the business and with them fully onboard and concentrating on their work – the productivity and quality levels of the work they produce will be vast. Not something that is likely to happen if they constantly feel perturbed from all the noise that may be going on in the office!

Thanks to our long and varied experience in the industry, weat Oaktree Interiors are confident that we will be able to create an effective office design in Reading for yourbusiness to reach (and potentially exceed) its aims. Helping your employees tofeel more comfortable, inspired and attached to the company, improving yourcurrent office fit out will have a number of untold benefits.

If you would like further information on how our services can help you – or on office design in general – why not get in contact with us today? You can call our expert team on 0845 474 3556 or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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