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We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded with an office design and build contract to create a brand-new multi-purpose office space for ILAPAK, based at Riverside Way Business Park in Uxbridge, West London. Requiring a relocation to a new building and an entire office, warehouse and showroom fit out, we're very much looking forward to carrying out this new and exciting project from January 2017.

Oaktree's Office Design and Build Services.

Having undertaken many office relocations throughout the last 30 years, we can safely say that we at Oaktree Interiors are able to carry out work for any type of business imaginable. Throughout our time in the industry, we have kept to our philosophy that possessing a better, more bespoke office space will work to provide a more productive and happy workplace. The results gained have demonstrated our beliefs, as even today, many of our happy and satisfied clients comment upon how it had improved their business workings and some even return to us to carry out further projects.

All aspects of our work that we undertake are fully planned out and any eventuality is considered. This is done to ensure that we are able to give our clients a firm date for when the project is due to commence and finish, causing as little disruption to the business as possible. Completed in a quick and concise manner, all work that we undertake is done 'in-house'. Aside from placing the responsibility for the entire project in our own hands, an in-house method also allows us to cut down on costs. These are benefits that we pass on to our clients, who also appreciate the clear information that we are able to communicate to them before, during and after the completion of the project.

Who are ILAPAK?

ILAPAK are one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging, having produced items for a countless range of uses, from food items like confectionery and poultry, to clinical products such as medical packaging. The company are able to sufficiently produce, fill and seal virtually all packaging requirements. Some of the work that they undertake includes the production of horizontal and vertical packaging, sachets and cartoning.

With packaging being in such plentiful supply these days, it may be hard for many people to remember a time when packed products were rare. At the forefront of the industry, Roger Levy founded ILAPAK in 1970, basing the company in Hayes. They quickly expanded and by the turn of the Seventies, they were already undertaking packaging operations in Italy, Israel, Switzerland and The United States. The longevity of the company and its constant expansion can be put down to them constantly looking to improve their products, looking for the latest trends in technologies. With the many different types of products requiring certain types of packaging, the capacity to be able to produce these items is something that ILAPAK have met with their forward-thinking prowess. Today, the company supply packaging items on a global scale and are represented by operations in many cities in Europe, Asia, as well as in North and South America.

ILAPAK's New Office Refurbishment in Uxbridge.

The work that we will be carrying out on ILAPAK's new facility will comprise the construction of new mezzanine floors that will increase the available office space of the building, helping to facilitate all of the associated trades of the company. With ILAPAK's specifications in mind, the office environment will be created by carrying out work on ceilings, flooring, air-conditioning and partitioning units. We'll also be taking care of electrical services such as the installation of lighting, as well as the laying out of power and data cabling.

Aside from the office space, we'll also be constructing a new warehouse and showroom space in the facility. Requiring the installation of overhead power cables and lighting, compressed air systems, heating and bench/test rooms, these are facilities that are vital for the company's operations and our experience in creating multi-purpose environments no doubt played a role in us being awarded the contract.

The final aspect of our work will include the installation of new furniture that will help the office to produce a contemporary look and feel – no doubt making the staff at the company more comfortable as they go about their work and setting an overall positive impression of the office to anyone who may visit.

With work set to commence in January, we have set a completion date for the end of March, giving the company the perfect opportunity to move into their new facility by the start of the new fiscal year.

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